1. I don’t see the problem here, you mean things inferred from State tax regulations aren’t binding across the board?

  2. Yes. That tax law about what you can deduct or what entities you can declare as dependents have no bearing on the traffic law governing when you're allowed to use the high occupancy vehicle lane.

  3. Of course it has bearing. Recognizing the fetus for tax purposes practically mandates that it be recognized for the far less important purpose of HOV restrictions. And personhood is binary. It either exists or it doesn’t.

  4. Have fun. I don't waste my time arguing with MAGA types, but you go ahead.

  5. It’s market standard where I am. All of my NNN leases include the roof.

  6. If you take a look at the exterior of wildmans and then hear that other businesses have to submit architectural plans for any and all changes to the outside of their building you will see a clear bias of codes and enforcements.

  7. You're really doing yourself and our shared goal a massive disservice. Fuck Wildmans, but to effectuate change you can't skate by insisting that people "look" and "hear" -- you need to be explicit and professional. Give explicit examples of where, when, and how Wildmans' is violating code and/or being given a pass and likewise explicit examples of where, when, and how other businesses doing or requesting similar clearances are being denied.

  8. Location matters, but that’s crazy… In my book, especially after receiving an eviction order, that’s criminal trespass and the cops can haul them off. I’m stunned they aren’t doing anything about this.

  9. Wow, I actually feel dumber for having read that. Like, seriously. Where do you people come from anyway???

  10. Yeah, no. I would politely point out that the home inspector is more appropriately situated to make sure the deficiencies they identified have been addressed.

  11. Anybody with some knowledge in agriculture want to chime in with a reason for this complicated layout? Is there a logical reason to do it this way rather than a square grid?

  12. Just enough knowledge to be dangerous. The following may be off to an extent, take it with a grain of salt rice:

  13. Set up both accounts in an amazon household and ask any echo “Alexa, switch account “ to get access to your music subscription.

  14. I just read that this is because Jupiter is more of a failed star than an actual rocky planet.

  15. The only valuable information that needs to be shared is that if you do quality work, keep complete work files, justify your opinions of value, and make an effort to double-check your work for lapses and errors -- all of which you should be doing regardless -- this is a non-issue for you.

  16. First of many many many what? Account you plan to create to spam this sub with this nonsense?

  17. I promise you, youtube is your friend here. I'm semi-old and I still have to kick myself far too often after frustrating myself or paying someone else only to have an issue return, then checking youtube and doing it right the second time.

  18. It’s likely because they were bruised heavily when they dried. So they look almost black. I have batches that are not bruised now, and they look more brown (or like photos you see from everyone else). I imagine if I made it with those it would just be much less black/blue. I plan to try the same dose again, but with those just to see if it makes a difference.

  19. While my experience is with form reports, I've definitely seen worse appraisal appraisal writing than this.

  20. Great guide, but why no hot chili peppers?

  21. For the same reason every single dish says to add brown sugar to the sauce and lime juice to finish -- because this is written by and for a very basic audience that likes "NY Style Chinese Takeout" (the kind cooked and eaten by people who have never set foot in NY and were taught how to cook this crap as part of an immigration program or shitty online 'cool guides').

  22. I started as a trainee at 17, got my license at 18, saw the economy blow up at 20, decided to go finish college in a town where I couldn't find work so I let my license expire, then at 42 decided "you know what I really miss doing" and now at 43 I'm back doing what I love.

  23. "Anything you say can and will be used against you" applies here as much as if you were being arrested -- even if you're talking to someone on the side that hired you, be wary that they might twist anything you say to one-up, get at, or get over their opponent. If one or the other must be around, I would stick to textbook USPAP type answers: you're not an advocate; you're using well-established industry standard approaches to form an opinion of value; no, none of the details of their personal lives or divorce circumstances has anything whatsoever to do with the value of the house; etc.

  24. I did my 80 hours, plus the 17 I've done since, all through AI Online Education. Most of the tests I was able to do online, but PA may require you take more (or less) in person. In-person testing was a pain only in the sense of having to go through the formality and security to take a test you'll blaze through in 30 minutes or less.

  25. Where did you hear that the two can't be mixed? People have been drinking booze on psychedelics forever...

  26. You'll have better luck with the Facebook groups

  27. There are people that make 3D art, so yeah

  28. Exactly ... we can't keep our eyes off this very nasty ball. If we ignore it, we all might be out of a fucking job.

  29. With all due respect, no we all won't. Our educational requirements will shift, certain enforcement behavior will shift, and those of us who can't justify our value opinions will suffer the appropriate consequences, but "they" aren't going to shut down our entire industry to address this issue, "they" will instead address the issue itself.

  30. What if banks and lenders want to get rid of appraisers and want to use A.I. valuation models, to save $$? Say this is an actual desire.

  31. Given the choice between "some appraisers are racist and are getting caught, and occasionally there's a false positive in there that will get vindicated based on the facts" on the one hand and "banks have formulated a conspiracy to discredit appraisers despite the fact that they don't pay for appraisals and actually benefit from them and the huge regulatory framework built around the whole enterprise which involves hundreds of thousands of people many of whom would call out the conspiracy in a heartbeat" on the other hand, I'mm'a have to go with the first option, my dude.

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