1. A show that ended in 2003 that’s primarily known in only US that hasn’t been relevant since.

  2. Don’t think it will because there’s not much options for a part 2 unit

  3. They ALWAYS pair Vegito with Goku Black and Trunks with Zamasu in DDFs. Part 1 Vegito and LR Transforming Goku Black, Part 2 Sword of Hope Trunks and Merged Zamasu > Zamasu (Grape Flavored)

  4. Op is giving a lesson on how to milk a joke as much as you can even though the first one wasn’t even that funny.

  5. I thought we were cucked out stones from Germany and Italy but no I had set it to all games instead of all apps

  6. The only advantage the gods have over the ssj4s is teams and link partners/better links

  7. What is terra gonna do toph can feel earth EVEN WHEN ITS NOT TOUCHING THE GROUND

  8. Running both Kid Goku and TEQ God Goku has been super consistent for me. Do you have AGL Gumku (not sure if that's his nickname lol) he would be a nice secondary option when he EZAs

  9. Well, Composite Godzilla would be a comically hilarious stomp. (Figuratively and literally.)

  10. Isn't Marvel Godzilla literally confirmed to be as powerful as Thor?

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