1. go to an event or something. a concert. find out where the local venues are. these enviroments are prime for hanging out with strangers cause theres a common event and most people are on something. then talk to someone. say "my company left, is it cool if i hang with you?" or light their ciggy. i've made long term friends with these tactics.

  2. When I go partying I usually bring a lighter even tho I don't smoke. People often asked me for one randomly so now I bring it

  3. He's got a point, I wake up, go to work, come home, play vidya/watch Chinese cartoons and sleep. Basically a npc irl.

  4. That sounds like a good idea tbh. These short format videos are terrible for the attention span

  5. Darkengard 3's final song was beautiful indeed. But then again, I've logged like 10 hours on that level alone, so listening to it at this point is both pleasant and disturbing at the same time...

  6. If you play it on RPCS3 emulator, you could use savestate now I think.

  7. I do play on that, and also tried syncing but it gets out of sync after a while if unlucky. And then I kinda stopped bothering :p

  8. Great Moore/Wind Robo counter. Sadly, Haegang does a better job these days.

  9. Bro trust me atm tablo jamire gets dumpstered by the revenge teams (xin zhe, kinki manon giou etc) if people ban bastet I m playing lushen fp pivot into jap cleave or tablo jamire rn

  10. I play it in c3, was almost g1. It works fine. Also have a lot of people in my reply favs who are g1+ with it.

  11. No.. you picked wrong and that’s final. Asima can be summoned later, Eivor never again.

  12. Who gives a fuck about a random skin lol. Also, pretty unlikely to summon a specific LD5 later

  13. Notice that anon fails to mention the age of his partner.

  14. My buddy that I do rta just got him so I’m hoping for buff lmao. He has ghurka too so it’s like he getting doubly fucked

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