1. No. And to the people who do, just because you cant explain something does not mean its magical.

  2. Wait a sec, its not if I think they were real, its just a fact.

  3. If you need a special day to say to your SO that you love them its sad

  4. Got back to your OF or try to keep sending people in my dms to insult people and then apologize for, block me then send a dm weeks later saying you unblocked me for no reason.

  5. You realize that most of them are not nurses and those pics are fake af right ?

  6. Link that "study" that was peer reviewed in something that is not playboy.


  8. No. Im an adult and can get my urges under control. If you cant, you should seek professionnal help.

  9. I think it's the "irrespective of location" bit that makes it concerning. So unable to control your urges that you expose yourself where minors or other people that don't want to see that might be? That's super unhealthy behavior

  10. Hit by lightning at midnight holding a copy of the neconomicron

  11. Your really on here just calling out guys for asking women on ask women all day?

  12. 90% are just gay guys saying they are a girl to watch someone jerk

  13. Exactly. I do some for verified women every now and then. But most requests I get via DM are guys pretending to be women. Or guys asking a trib for their imaginary wife, gf, some girl from insta, their ex etc.

  14. Im not because of "society", im not interested because im not gay !

  15. Got it! Was asking those who felt that pressure of what a “man” had to be

  16. No, you were asking about that thing that gay man have that all man are secretly gay. Its a common kink you have about turning a straight gay for a night.

  17. I asked not to. He did it anyway. Im not seeing that girl anymore

  18. Oh oh let me have a kink about that !

  19. Lol, nah I don’t I was honestly curious. It just doesn’t seem like it’s a thing but figured I’d ask and see. If really interested my profile is very clear about my kinks and this isn’t one of them.

  20. I miss that. That was best part before we had kids. Now the kids would be all up in my pizza.

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