1. Not that I know of I've tried all I could so this is my last attempt at finding them.

  2. Well idk about them but for me I could never see my music even with my thick glasses so I eventually just started learning by ear what the notes sound like and that's how I knew what to play. It got harder later on though cause we moved faster and I had less time.

  3. Honestly, if band isn't fun, just quit the program; from my point of view I'd rather see someone fulfilled rather than band being some sort of anchor holding them down.

  4. It's not that I love band and its my escape from my crappy life I just don't have ways to get there I almost did quite but I love it too much to let go.

  5. people are being so fucking dramatic about the punctuation lol girl you’re fine. fellow tuba player here- i think another comment already said this but absolutely try to make friends in band. this will help motivate you especially because it’s a positive shared common interest and if its a main topic of conversation you’ll always be connected with them. that’s not to say band has to be your whole life or your only friends, but having that connection honestly just makes band wayyyy more fun. band is easy to make friends in too chat with the people next to you there’s always something to talk or joke about. another thing that helped me with motivation was listening to more jazz and concert music. there are so many types of concert music out there that you can definitely find at least a few pieces that stick out to you. if you’re in marching band, you should check out DCI and the Blue Devils- look up Blue Devils Metamorph victory run on youtube. it’s super cool. i would explain your situation to your director and section leader and let them know you know you made mistakes in the past but you are willing to put in the time and effort and made a change. good luck! :)

  6. For my highschool they automatically have you in there. And for advice it's gonna be hard ik that so should you you're going to be sore and irritated but it's gonna be worth it. Make some friends they'll help lot's the experience will be worth it I didn't go and I feel so bad I'm still in it but I decided that I wouldn't go to it all and I feel really awful for that. Go to them if you can and remember why you love band and as I said make some friends they'll help lot's and make your time there easier and a lot more bearable. Love- A 9th grade band kid.

  7. Me personally I'm a sousaphone player idk about your school but for mine we're pretty chill. The upsides to being sousaphone player is you get to make a lifelong friends with your section we're not normally a very big one but we're always very close you get to basically be the heartbeat of the of the marching band so you get to play pretty important part so if you originally flute player it might be a little difficult. The downsides to being sousaphone especially in the wind you get the wind in your sails and it does bring you the backwards. And you being flute player I'm not saying that it will be impossible I'm just saying you'll be a little harder to use the amount of air you'll need to play the instrument also we don't always get the melody in fact it's very rare I found one song so far so there are a lot of upsides but they're also a lot of down ones I'm not going to be one of those people who say oh my instrument is the best cuz we do have a bit of downsides also our instruments not the best instrument to play that's a solo but you make life long commitments it makes the woodlands a little softer and trumpets and you get to have one hell of a time. No no matter what you choose I know you'll do great cuz all of them are very great instruments and I know very great people and all of those sections no matter what you choose I know you feel like home just make sure that it's your instrument not something else your parents or anyone else wants to choose for you choose your heart after all your instrument is an extended part of yourself. Sincerely- a 9th grader

  8. I play bari sax but they put me on sousa due to too much woodwinds, so I’m an honorary sousaphone

  9. Well welcome to the squad be prepared to lose your sanity if ya haven't already lol

  10. Ok now that sounds awesome do you have the year and place perhaps I can look up the performance.

  11. Hey sorry for the late response. Nice to meet you how many Sousa's do you have in your band and hiw many are girls?

  12. Aw cool I'm the only one out of nine boys I was the only one out of 14 people 13 being boys and well me but some left

  13. Play games like a puzzle 🧩 or annoy you accidentally because i have ADHD and I'm stuck in a room.

  14. Me as a freshman I'm not and neither is anyone scared of all four of our directors (well maybe one but just because he's a little strict) but mainly no and we actually hang out and talk with them all and HEY MR./MRS. THEIR NAME and give them fist 👊 bumps. Why is yours scary? Mine only is when the woodwinds are out of tune or if the trumpets play to loud or if me a sousaphone and my squad get blown over by the wind in our sail aka the sousaphone bell 😂.

  15. If we get into finals then we will be known. We have almost gotten in a lot this could be our year. Seniors you could leave making a lasting impact on the future band students and be legends. Freshman if you think it's all the upper class men then you're wrong it takes a team and in band everyone has a part. We've got this,this is what we worked so hard for so don't let a few wins up your ego and cloud your mind because we won a few we've still gotstarts listing names of competition and they're great but so are we so who are we says school name who are we?*says school name,who are we?says school name

  16. I have him he plays a sax Idk his name so I always call him suspenders.

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