1. Hell yeah I love the glass jars . I hate those plastic ones

  2. Rather have a bag than plastic pop jars... so much air flow and terp loss.

  3. Keeping it in bags drys it up faster than a glass jar . Glass jars are the way to go.

  4. my jar looked like 100% smalls but it smelled great.. saving it for later.

  5. Yeah my nugs were very big . Oh well. I don’t care for big nugs since I vape mine with a ArGo and the glass tubes are small

  6. I do not get the “munchies” very often. This one sent me right to the kitchen.

  7. No , you two are still young and she should respect the fact you asked .

  8. You got 4 seeds in that one day jar ? Damn I’ve never seen seeds in my shit

  9. I want that purple one 😬😬😬😬 so bad . What’s that one called??

  10. The 22nd is when they’ll let you buy till. But the card being good let’s you still be able to have the medicine on you basically.

  11. I was nervous about my appointment because I had zero proof of my ptsd and back pain. I was mad I didn’t do it sooner because of how easy it was . I have a appointment for my renewal Friday. And my anxiety makes me believe they’ll take it away from me or something 🙃🙃🙃

  12. The best advice I could give someone starting this program in Ohio, is to order online at the dispensary you want to go too. And search a few different ones menus . Every dispensary menu changes and their prices change along with it. The prices make no sense to be honest. I check out three in my area and chose the one that has the best price or sale . A lot of them have the best deals on the weekends

  13. From my experience I will say sex with a partner gets better over time . Being with someone you have feelings for plays a big role in that also. It’s more intense and you’re turned on more when you actually love/attracted to the person you’re having sex with. I started masturbating at a young age but I didn’t have sex until I was 18, im 28 years old now. I’ve had multiple sex partners . Some have been relationships, fuck buddies and a few one night stands . The best sex I’ve ever had will always be the guy I was with for the longest. I was in a 6 year relationship but that ended 2 years ago. When you’re in a relationship that long you get to know that person and what they like during sex And vice-verse. We ended up trying a lot a different things together that we haven’t with anyone else because we was together that long . Getting to know someone well during sex you learn how to make each other cum. If your lucky you’ll end up with someone that will be willing to learn how you like things . You also learn a lot about your own body and being able to come with someone else touching you. It took me a long time to get used to sex with a partner and get out of the masturbating . It takes a few times having sex to get comfortable and letting loose.

  14. I’m sorry honey , they all came in bags so I transferred it to glass jars and threw away the bags . A great way to check that out is googling the strain and checking out the brand’s website. Sorry I never think about that when posting on here

  15. Swear I got the Mac one time and it was the best bud I’ve ever gotten in the program. Standard wellness doesn’t get enough love

  16. Arizer is my favorite brand . I have the Extreme Q and the ArGo. I absolutely love them both . The Q is the desk top and the ArGo is for on the go

  17. I’ll never buy dabs from the dispensary’s in Ohio. I can get better and cheaper on the streets . It’s ridiculous how they’re with this shit. And yeah, the shatter looks like it might be harsh when you hit it.

  18. I got 2 luster pod batteries myself. I got the Lemon cookies by Hon and the Mac1 by Klutch. Both are really good

  19. Fuck no. That’s why I’ll never buy dabs at the Ohio dispensary’s . I still buy those off the streets for $20-$30 a gram and are amazing.

  20. These are the shit . I’ve gotten a half of smalls of this strain and verdant has it on sale for like $75 right now. I’m definitely thinking about buying two strains of a half of their stuff .

  21. That would be awesome. I have two within a few miles, then Herbology is like a half hour away and thats the next closest one thats worth going to. Theyre too spread out I hate that.

  22. That sucks mate . I guess it’s because I am in Gahanna, like in the middle of all of those choices . POW is the farthest, like 40 min drive

  23. Well it’s in London . I’m not sure if that’s west or not

  24. I just picked up some yesterday I’m in love I’ve been smoking on apricot gelato this was definitely a nice alternative I was definitely happy with the purchase and would purchase again

  25. I definitely want to get some of that next. I couldn’t pick between the two

  26. Now the name of his dispensary is going to bug me until I remember lol Cherry Pie or some shit

  27. It was funny, this bud honestly didn’t smell good when I first opened it . I put it in a different jar and totally changed smells and better

  28. Thats so weird. Did you have a moisture pack in one and not the other?

  29. Yeah, the packaging it came with didn’t have one . And I moved it to a jar that did have one and it made it ten times better

  30. they could easily set up the texting "wait in line" system that bloom uses. so ridiculous for the elderly and ill to be in the rain

  31. Yeah, the way bloom has that texts thing is cool. I rather sit in my car if I have to wait

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