1. I'm pretty certain that my wife and daughter are holding the entire chewing gum industry together by themselves.

  2. If there’s any one person that’s singlehandedly keeping the gum industry afloat it’s Pete Carrol of the Seattle Seahawks. I swear that man must own a factory you see him chewing it any time they point a camera at him.

  3. The twist, and the resulting fallout, in A Way Out. I wasn't ready for that ending, whichever way you choose. 😭

  4. Love it. Totally missed the chance at the end to say “2 SEC Football Teams, 1…SURVIVOR!”

  5. A husband comes home from grocery shopping. The wife asks what he got to fix for dinner. “Damn ham...well, that’s the brand name at least” the husband replies.

  6. Full. I kinda overdid it at the Chinese buffet today and I’m paying for it now. 😂 Half asleep trying my best to stay awake so I can fall asleep at a more appropriate time.

  7. Wrestling With Shadows. It follows 90s pro wrestler Bret Hart through what became his last year wrestling for what was then known as the WWF. It’s worth it if for nothing else than the legit backstage look at everything that goes on in pro wrestling outside of the ring.

  8. To me red blazer Paul Bearer is his best look and this Kane is peak Kane gear. What a return.

  9. Anyone care to give the row-by-row “who’s who” of everyone? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  10. Makes even more sense around the holidays as well. 😂 Now I want to see some kind of fan commissioned art of Digimon in Santa hats hanging up garland.

  11. There's been major real life drama in pro wrestling over the past few months in both WWE and their competitors AEW.

  12. Because I loved the fan forum websites I used to visit during high school and Reddit very much seems to be the aggregate version of that.

  13. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I saw someone use the Sit-Out Tombstone (aka the Owen Driver/Rikishi Driver). When done by the right guy safely it can look like a really cool move.

  14. I like this idea they could even play with the idea that his death undoes spells he's cast which could play into a Spider-Man movie. The way the spell breaks is that People can know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man again but most won't know they remember because they don't care and no one's talked about it for years.

  15. As someone whose all-time favorite hero is Spider-Man I’m all the way down for this spinoff. The idea of JJJ spouting he knows who Spider-Man is but nobody believing him like a rambling town crier is hilarious, not gonna lie. 😂

  16. I would love to visit a Chinese buffet right now. Egg Rolls and General Tso’s Chicken are two of my favorite foods and I only get to visit the local buffet about once a month. Darn I’m hungry.

  17. That’s awesome! Hope you enjoy yourself. What are your go-to N64 games? For me ya can’t go wrong with Mario 64, WWF No Mercy and Banjo-Kazooie. Sounds like fun, have a blast!

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