1. You have to rerun all your calibrations again since you changed the hotend.

  2. I didn't actually change my hotend though. I just got replacement parts for it (btw, it's a microswiss clone hotend from gulfcoastrobotics). Surely I shouldn't need to recalibrate it it's got all the same parts, right?

  3. The thing is what other options did the others have? Other than Shrewed, who at the time fully trusted Regal as a prince, the other ones had no other option.

  4. I really like this comment. It makes me think, was the mental trauma of Fitz necessary? Was it the only path to save the kingdom, and if so, was it even the right one? Also, with your notes at the end, it seems like none of the characters were able to heal from their individual traumas. They all got passed on to Fitz instead; he's a conglomeration of other's unfaced issues.

  5. Get a guitar string (high-E is the only one that fits through a 0.4 nozzle) and shove it through the tip of the nozzle at printing temps.

  6. I don't see how that's different from the nozzle cleaner I used that didn't work.

  7. there are a number of potential causes, why do you think you have a nozzle clog? does it happen if you replace the nozzle?

  8. I haven't tried replacing the nozzle. However, I did check my e-steps and they were fine. This is the second print I've done where I had these issues. Since my e-steps were calibrated (I extruded the proper amount of filament) that one time, and since the print above got worse as it went on, I think the issue is something that only occurs sometimes in waves. This leads me to think it's a clog; if it was an extruder issue, it would be consistently underextruding, not worsening like my print did.

  9. I'm having the same issue. Since I am in no way a coder, I have zero clue what the message means. Could you help me figure out what needs to be changed for my firmware to compile correctly?

  10. Dude, I have the exact same issue as you. Did you ever figure out how to fix it?

  11. One thing to check is if it builds without any editing. That will tell you if the problem was caused by your editing, or by something else.

  12. I loaded in the standard configuration.h file for my board (not the one I edited) and it still gave me some error messages, so I don't think the issue stems from my edits.

  13. First thing I do is download the Marlin version I want. Then compile that without any edits or swapping out of config files ! The default is set to Mega 2560 . That way you know your VS code and plug ins ( platform IO & Marlin Auto build ) are working.

  14. UPDATE: I think I figured out the issue. One of the screws on my stepper motor bracket was super loose, so the z axis stepper motor had lots of play. Haven't printed something to verify but I'm pretty sure that was the issue.

  15. Regular corrugated cardboard has a flashpoint of around 400C. They seem to be talking about the temperature at which the fabric used will spontaneously combust, which is perfectly believable.

  16. Ok, so basically this is the same as the creality enclosure and all the other clones

  17. I think there would be a lot of interest - there might just be a lot of really simple fixes, so be prepared for a bunch of beginners who haven't figured out how to level a bed yet.

  18. ahhhhh, smells a little like a short circuit problem although it's hard to say - that windows sound tells us the Arduino is resetting and the onboard serial-to-USB chip is dropping its connection to the PC. It's entirely possible the servo is drawing too much power from the Arduino onboard voltage regulator causing it to overload, although the small servos that come in the Arduino kits should not be a problem assuming that is what you're using. I would start with the link below (perhaps you have another error in wiring someplace). also when posting these kind of questions being as specific as possible, a picture is worth it.

  19. Oh shoot, I just realized I'm using a 25 kg-cm servo, one a bit more heavy-duty than the servo that came with the kit. I should've remembered to use an alternate power source for it. Do you think I damaged anything in the arduino?

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