1. 12 Rounds unreleased third album. Zack De La Rocha’s unreleased solo album. :(

  2. Oh my god, he was gonna make an album with Zach De La Rocha?? Man, Zach really just doesn‘t want to put out a solo album, neither with El-P as a producer or Reznor… I‘d love to hear either

  3. the fact that i never listened to it 💀

  4. Can anyone identify what makes this one specific to Kenny/Louie? Are there just some samples that are pre-loaded? Cause the design and look seem exactly the same to me

  5. Yeah I didn‘t expect how pissed people get at memes on this sub… I knew it was more of a circlejerk meme but goddamn, people even reported the post, some people really can‘t take a joke on here

  6. Looks like these would be something for… A collector

  7. In case anyone is wondering. I'm the one making this film. It will be a series of short stories from the Zone with each episode focusing on a member of a different faction.

  8. Do you have people working on the music yet? I‘ve got some dark ambient STALKER inspired tracks in the works

  9. Trent Reznor will stop making Nine Inch Nails albums before he turns down a collaboration with Fincher, I‘m convinced

  10. My first young fathers record, listened to it last night and it absolutely blew me away! Every song has such an unbelievable outro especially, it‘s so energetic and vibrant and beautiful, I can‘t even describe all the genres that are fused into it.

  11. Beautiful find for sampling, im sure no producer has touched those with a 10 foot pole. Do I smell a new Tay Tay banger incoming???

  12. Didn‘t Westside Gunn legitimately sample a Nazi speech on the first HWH tape? I think it was either in the in- or outro or something, and I think the sound of marching boots might also come from some old Nazi recordings, not sure though


  14. Nope, waiting for my two copies, I‘m in south Germany.

  15. Pretty hard, probably Try Me, The 27 club and i just killed a cop

  16. Man, imagine Peggy on some clipping. production or as a feature (and vice versa). I know they probably know each other from their time on Deathbomb Arc., but besides some remixes, I don‘t think they properly collaborated on any project or song as of now

  17. Maaan, only thing I pray for is that Peggy goes crazy with it and that we might get a beat from the Alchemist, the picture of Danny, Peggy and him made me hopeful for that! :D

  18. To those who saw it already, where did you get to? Did you watch it via a streaming service? Or is it out in theaters in the US already?

  19. Ah damn, it‘ll probably be a while before I‘ll get to see it, I live in Germany… Takes ages for movies to get here, sometimes even half a year/ a year if they‘re smaller releases

  20. Damn. I should’ve preordered one. I shudder thinking about the prices it’s gonna be listed for on discogs

  21. If it‘s any indication, have a look at what the preorders are going for on ebay already… Absolutely nuts

  22. It doesn‘t really sound like Death Grips, but I found that one of A2B2‘s recent releases, „Peabody“ by Super Violate scratches a lot of similar itches. Very loud and abrasive, but super catchy and electronic, it‘s a real gem and I wish more people that are into hardcore/electronics/industrial/hip-hop were giving them a go. Worth checking out for sure :)

  23. Does anyone have a link for the Og mix in good quality?


  25. Yoooo Conductor Williams on his way to Wordington???

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