1. These commentaries are just incredible. Be it hinting at Dipcifica, revealing behind the scenes stories from production, lost ideas and more. The summer the box set came out will always be special to me for how alive the fandom felt again and for all the crazy new things we learned. For a few weeks in August, it felt like Gravity Falls was back with new mysteries and adventures to be had (combined with Lost Legends of course).

  2. It was never canonically confirmed in the show why that was the case. Ford demonstrated it to Dipper in Journal 3 when he showed how an oddly shaped Jelly bean would remain within the town's border. There is a theory that the UFO that crashed below the town is to blame for it. Perhaps after thousands of years it still has something active within it that prevents strange creatures that either came with it or were formed from its presence to remain inside it. Kinda like the Chernobyl exclusion zone but minus the radiation.

  3. Please have a stroke for your family’s sake

  4. You know, I actually feel bad for Mabel haters who are civil about their dislike of her and can agree to disagree. They all got a bad rep now cause of idiots like you who take it too far...troll or not!

  5. I see so many people in my comments section and on Twitter (because of course...Twitter) saying the pilot style is better and I honestly cannot disagree more. Some people argue it's better cause the twins have a more realistic height for their age, but I mean, beyond that, look at it! It's rough, messy, simplistic and while not bad, isn't amazing either or what a flagship cartoon should look like IMO (also just look at Grunkle Stan. How can you say the pilot is better when THAT IS STAN I MEAN CO-). Plus I think if it was the other way around and the current show style was the pilot, people would probably say it's better. And I mean let's be honest, how many people would even have watched GF

  6. The pilot look isn't better but I like the rough-draft/more rustic look

  7. Yeah, I can see that. It's not a bad style and the rough feel works okay in some ways. I think if GF had been a show on another network, such a style may have faired better, but for Disney, probably not IMO.

  8. An IRS agent knocks the door of the Mystery Shack.

  9. I wouldn't want a continuation per say, I'd want a series expanding on characters we already saw. Lost Legends kinda started that but could've done so much better. Like, maybe a miniseries with each episode expanding on another character through untold stories from the GF summer or before.

  10. That innocent childhood nostalgia of summers long ago...Gravity Falls captured that so perfectly. I think out of all the mystery, adventure and weirdness the show had, that was the biggest selling point for me when I first started this a nostalgic memory itself.

  11. Just recently got into Bluey and man, is it amazing. I get the hype and love behind this show now. It's incredible!!

  12. They bought a condo and filed the taxes together!

  13. Legend has it Brad Breeck's house caught on fire when he first composed the background song!

  14. There's a lot of great shows out there worth giving a try once you're done GF. Here's a personal list of shows I cannot recommend enough...

  15. In the early days of Gravity Falls, there a lot of ships involving GF characters and characters from the film ParaNorman which came out the same summer. Same when Over the Garden Wall came out. Crossover shipping is as old as Gravity Falls itself. But it all depends on the specific community and time. These days it's GF and TOH that's the most discussed and crossed over. It all depends on what the popular mentality is and how each platform of fandom operates.

  16. Number six is definitely the daily call with Standards and Practices

  17. "Just help us do one more blood sacrifice, Alex and then we'll let you keep the spin the bottles joke!"

  18. The key to making a great cartoon; Buffalo nap!!

  19. The Mabel panel gets me every time, lmao

  20. Ah. Gotcha. And thank you. Appreciate it :)

  21. 21 and I feel you. I was so late to the party that all my IRL buddies already passed by their GF phases. As time passed even they stopped talking about it with me and that's when I leaned more in the fandom.

  22. They're dorks...but that's why we love them :P

  23. I thought the whole Reverse Falls concept started with a (fake) video game announcement “trailer”

  24. Not the Stan dating simulator :P

  25. Oh no, Reverse Falls is WAY older. A long time ago I and a few other people traced its origins back to at least July 2012; after The Hand That Rocks the Mabel aired. Back then it was known as Reverse Pines IIRC. Same concept, different name. We made a timeline too though idek if that's still up now.

  26. Making those sweaters was the 2nd thing Mabel did after the two of them got together...first being screaming for 20 minutes with joy!

  27. Not sure if this can help, but it's a trick I've used a lot that's yielded great results. If you still remember the name of the video, plug the title into Twitter (stay with me) and then write at the end.

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