1. I’ve never had any good experiences with their carts. Their Luster pods fair a bit better, it you are much better off getting their flower. Their flower is 🤌. Their oil is not so much.

  2. Yemeni Restaurant. 100% this place is amazing. Cleveland Ave. Get anything. Guy makes everything from scratch every day.

  3. It is because you're young. The idea that the BMV always has long lines was a mainstay of crappy '90s comedy and some people can't let the idea go.

  4. I’ve never had less than an hour and a half wait at either Alum Creek or Broad Street by the casino. 😅

  5. Tried and true brands: Klutch, Grow Ohio/Butterfly Effect, Firelands Scientific, Entourage

  6. They’re supposed to turn you down. They have your license number on file, but not a copy of it.

  7. Thanks but they did turn me down bc I ordered my id online and didn’t get that paper copy you speak of…. They wouldn’t even accept my passport as a form of id

  8. I’m actually very surprised that your passport wasn’t accepted as a government ID…

  9. Are the puffco guys just melting live wax 24/7 ? Or what? . Next is the puffco Cpap for night time consumption. Holy :)

  10. With Verano, first you contact the dispensary. If the dispensary says that it needs to be moved over to Verano, contact Verano using this link:

  11. Thank you very much for this information! i will give that a shot!! You the man 🤙🏼

  12. No prob! When I ran into a rep on a vendor day, he gave me the impression that they are patient-forward. Hopefully things will get fixed somewhere.

  13. This is my last luster pod. The company offered to refund me if I jumped through all the hoops, but the last time i had an issue over 1.5 years ago did, they sent a gift card that is digital and I still haven’t been able to use it. I don’t get my day back, and can’t use it on a replacement product. This is my last grow Ohio pod for now.

  14. The dispensary can give you your day back if you show them that the cultivator refunded you. You would just need to show the manager or pharmacist.

  15. The flower I had was nice but it wasn't really effective enough to buy again. Interested in the pod though because I like the strain just needed potency.

  16. Their oil is better than their flower. I get their flower on occasion, but relief comes from their carts and pods.

  17. I think you answered my question then. I'll either get the gelato fuel or Tally Mon pod.

  18. Lol. Sorry. Couldn’t help it. But yes. Their flower can be hit or miss because of every variable possible. But their carts and pods have always been consistent. I’m hoping they bring Wonka Bars back 😅.

  19. Yep, 100% dude. I bet if they introduced a variable voltage luster battery, somewhat like the Pax era (similarly priced battery,) they'd really be cooking with gas.

  20. I’d totally buy an upgraded variable voltage Luster battery

  21. Except the Skunkberry. That one is pretty good if you can find it fresh, but on sale. All the others though… just say no.

  22. I had it bad in 2020 but used cannabis to force me to cough and get crap out of my lungs. Had a lung x-ray last month and there was no scarring or lung disease showing in the x-ray. Toke away!

  23. I had a friend who went to PM, and initially they wanted to refuse her because of her recommendation. She contacted her MMJ doctor and they changed her recommendation from “chronic pain” to “PTSD” to appease her PM doctor.

  24. Good idea. My recommendation is for the same as your friend. If I have issues, I can see if they'll remove the chronic pain from the recommendation.

  25. Good luck. 🍀 If you still get resistance, then you should consider looking for a different PM doctor. And definitely let us know what the end result is!

  26. That sounds like Fibromyalgia all right. For some people, surgery is the catalyst that causes the onset.

  27. I haven't tried luster pods yet. But awhile back i bought a yocan uni pro to use with the 510 carts. Using the uni really improved using the carts and i am satisfied. Are the luster pods better than a good cart with the uni? Also it looks like these pods would leave alot of oil behind. You cant stand them up straight? Is this an issue?

  28. I just took apart 3 of my spent luster pods, and each one had such little residual oil. It ended up being less than a quarter of a grain of rice and wasn’t worth all the work of taking it apart and scraping it. The reflections and shape of the pod make it appear that there is more oil leftover than there really is. 510s usually leave more leftover oil. I was pleasantly surprised.

  29. Super easy with a qualifying condition. is usually the cheapest. I went through Ohio Cannabis Connection. Same day telehealth appointment, same day card.

  30. The only flower strain from them that I liked so far is Skunkberry. Other than that, I only get their lotion because the sample jars are cheap and last me a while.

  31. The more I had hit it, the more lemon/orange flavor developed. It isnt bad, and the effects are good.

  32. I like it for when I need to get rid of the brain fog in the morning, but not be in anxious mode.

  33. Wish I could partake now to ease some of the symptoms of covid. This stuff absolutely sucks man.

  34. I couldn’t partake with anything both times that I had Covid. That was before the vaccine though, so when I had it, it was really bad. I hope you feel better soon. I even had breathing problems for months after I got over it

  35. Look into 100% labs, they're doing Pax Pods in Ohio now. Standard is the only other cultivator that makes them that I'm aware of. Happy hunting! ✌️❤️🌳

  36. 100 Percent Labs is also making them for Ohio, but I haven’t tried their oil so I can’t say whether or no they are worth it.


  38. Never give up on your dreams. 😂 Escape from food service is possible. 😁

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