1. And not a form email saying ‘taste is subjective bro, lol.’ So infuriating

  2. Yes Sir. 🫡… black Jack From Butterfly effect doesn’t list all ….😉✌️💨💨🔥🔥🔥💯

  3. You’re right. I forgot Butterfly Effect doesn’t show terps on their normal oils, but they do for for their Live oils. I haven’t seen their flower labels.

  4. Lusters used to be recommended as full-spectrum oils without botanical terpenes, but a few processors started adding their botanical lines to the Luster collection. I posted this in another thread. It’s not comprehensive to everything in the program, but this is a good head start:

  5. I haven’t tried them yet. But they do also sometimes use botanical terps in their pods.

  6. I grabbed a few strains from klutch, lemon slushee, orange 43, and white truffle. All were extremely dry and smelled like mold, I didn’t even try the orange 43. The lemon slushee made me feel sick. I’ve had these before and they were great, but now I’m questioning what condition they are growing these in to ruin MULTIPLE batches so bad. Every single one has the same mildew stench to it.

  7. Have you reached out to Klutch yet? If so, and everyone is getting the runaround, it may need to be escalated to the Board of Pharmacy to have the product inspected for mold and a recall issued.

  8. Look and ask for oils that are full-spectrum. Anything that says list only distillate or botanical terpenes on the label are going to be disappointing.

  9. I’ve seen someone use Certified Cultivator 510 carts in the YoCan Uni and Uni Pro, so I’m surprised that it’s not fitting yours.

  10. Certified carts are garbage. Don’t waste your money.

  11. You might be talking about the distillate line (black box) that uses botanical terps. The live and cured resin lines (white box) are cannabis derived terps.

  12. Yes. You may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the decrease. Keep in touch with your doctor and update them on changes.

  13. 50mg Lamictal for Bipolar Type 2. Kept me in Depression phase for about a year, and I ignored signs hoping it was finally the right pill. When I started taking my Ritalin daily instead of every few days, that’s when I started hearing voices with suicidal ideation. It caused ‘medication induced psychosis’, which stopped within a few days of stopping the Lamictal. I went cold turkey, but I took both Lamictal and Lexapro at the same time, so the Lexapro might have masked some withdrawal symptoms.

  14. I had an ER doctor tell me that it takes a full two weeks before it’s even considered out of your system

  15. thank you for this! do you typically use luster pods or 510’s?

  16. I use both depending on what is available. If it’s a Live Resin, I’m going to go 510 so I can keep the temperature low. If it’s a regular oil, I like Luster because of the throat hit feeling closer to flower.

  17. Wish i could get another doctor but its so bad in sweden that ur stuck with what you get. I suffer from health anxiety so all the side effects i get from these pills in my mind i think they are a bad sickness so cymbalta might have been the worst drug for me sorry for my poor english

  18. After I stopped the 30mg, it still took two more weeks to get back to normal. Ashwagandha may be a an Ayurvedic herb that can make the withdrawal symptoms easier.

  19. Locally Grown is their in-house brand. Same flower, but cheaper and only availability in their own stores.

  20. Definitely wait until after the interview. New medication side effects are completely unpredictable. Best to show up under your own control for the interview, and then you can deal with starting and the side effects the next day. Interviews are stressful enough, so don’t add any extra pressure. GOOD LUCK 🍀

  21. CBD oil added to carts can sometimes make the carts harsh, or change the flavor. For SOME people, the added CBD, even though it’s a very small amount comparatively, is just enough to counteract some of the THC because of how it can flood receptors (usually only happens in high doses). Some of the cultivators, such as Klutch, have started using CBG instead of CBD to make the oils reach that 70% cap. CBG oil doesn’t change the flavor profile, or cause the harshness.

  22. Lamictal made me more depressed and hear voices… we did not get along. Just pay attention to signs of side effects and communicate with your care team.

  23. I literally just rewired a coil by myself last night using my dab tool and cuticle nippers. I have faith in you. ☺️

  24. Those CCELL carts can actually hold 1.25 grams. That much headspace is normal for THAT cart because of the extra space in addition to some cotton absorption.

  25. I thank you for this! You've given me quite a bit of hope, as well as some extremely useful information. I've looked into Genesight before actually, and quite frankly I'm willing to pay for it out of pocket especially since I have a history of not doing well on other medications. Thank you again!

  26. I went through a few med changes for mental health recently and I flat out told my doctor that I’m only willing to try one more prescription IF we order the GeneSight test… otherwise I’m going fully plant based. My doc said she was more than willing to order the test since she has used it with other patients and has found it to be a valid tool.

  27. If you’re wanting to mainly treat anxiety and panic, use the indica-leaning strains versus the high sativa-leaning strains.

  28. This latest cart I have of orange 43 is terpinolene/myrcene/limonene,caryophyllene,linalool. I don’t know of a much better all around terpene profile for being perfectly focused, relaxed, and happy, all at the same time. It’s good for morning and evening. I just feel like everything is good.

  29. Both Beneleaves and Rythm use standard 510 threads. Did you double check to remove the magnetic adapter/thread protector from the bottom of the cart before trying to put it on the Rythm battery?

  30. If only on day 3, any withdrawal symptoms should be minimal. But call your doctor immediately and let them know you are having a reaction to it.

  31. Thank you! very very helpful! glad to know im not alone

  32. Just keep in mind that Indica and Sativa have become marketing terms. Use that to start with eliminating half your choices, then consider strains and terpene profiles.

  33. Remember indica= in da couch haha.. great for night time

  34. Sometimes. I’ve had indicas make me hyper and sativas make me drowsy before. GENERALLY as a categorizer it’s somewhat accurate, but then you have to look at the terpenes and strain. I’ve seen the same strain listed in one dispensary as an indica, and another dispensary as a sativa before. And technically everything is a hybrid anyway. 😅

  35. I had to quit cold turkey after increasing the dose from 30mg to 60mg. The first two days were the worst, and the next two weeks needed 2000mg Ashwaganda (organic, not the KSM-66 version… it’s missing entourage componentes) per day in addition to heavy cannabis (indica/sedative type) consumption. It’s not going to be easy, but it can be done. And some people find it easier to use low doses of Zoloft or Lexapro to help with the initial withdrawals from Cymbalta.

  36. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have no access to cannabis at all (illegal in our country) so can't even try. I will never try to quit cold turkey again, it was too scary for me. Slow tapering seems to be the only way at the moment.

  37. It’s usually best to go slow tapering. Unfortunately due to my situation, that wasn’t possible. And absolutely keep in contact with your doctor. Withdrawals aren’t easy. HUGS

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