1. Is it still full of ppl with purple+ gear? Tarkov has legs and faces + potentially quick ttk if you get the jump that let noobs have a chance against chads as an equaliser. When i played the cycle, even if you get the jump on some chad with a shitty white or green gun, they have plenty of time to turn around and delete you. noobs didnt really stand a chance against an established playerbase.

  2. that problem is actually about to get worse. The Cycle is moving to a no wipes style going forward.

  3. Really? What's their goal for player retention, then? Not that I'm too upset, the quests were a slog because most of them didn't unlock things for the factions

  4. I think its a "maybe this will make us stop hemorrhaging daily users" kinda thing.

  5. It lets out the magic smoke. Seriously don't.

  6. a bag of holding filled with gelatinous cubes.

  7. For everybody suggesting Zero Sievert, I echo on how good that is.

  8. Or alternatively, the warehouse above the police station/convenience store. That place is also ok for frag grenades for the next quest the guy gives you too.

  9. You can buy talon yourself, even if you don't use him, the opponent won't get it to 3*

  10. talon is a 1 cost. Thats some sus logic considering how many are in the pool.

  11. I have 3. You can literally use a valk anywhere you build her for. I have them in TTA, DT, CB, Hydra...

  12. can you build me one that vents for my resin printer? It needs a hose. I'm pretty sure it doesn't need much else though. The hose doesn't have to go anywhere.

  13. Congrats! Now just 3* as long for a non-reward!

  14. Mines at 100k in a shield set :) with over 400 resist. MK can absolutely smash if you build them correctly.

  15. isn't that the goal? Wait. Maybe this is the wrong sub.

  16. Literally saw this bug happen last night on slushpuppy's stream. Slush couldn't see one of his teammates, and once they realized it they experimented.

  17. That’s fair, it’s a Dick move but you shouldn’t have to risk a false ban by BSG just cause a streamer got chapped pussy lips and reported you. We literally just had a huge issue with rengrawr and now Vonza.

  18. Except that's literally what the report system is for. It's only a matter of time before the invis bug becomes replicable by bad actors. The reports feed data to bsg who then work with it. For every streamer reporting it there are probably dozens of others who report shit too. I'm sure there are people who report literally every person who kills them.

  19. I lived in a tent growing up. Whenever my parents and I would argue, I go to my room and angrily zip the flap. It didn’t really convey the emotion.

  20. Yah! Tent in the basement gang represent! (We moved into grandma's house during the divorce, sisters all got the available rooms)

  21. If this game stopped development yesterday its still amazing value compared to 99% of the crap out there.

  22. The global partner program and sponsorships are different.

  23. That was 7 years ago, a lot of people reading this were in middle school.

  24. some of them even graduated from middle school!

  25. Bosses only spawn for streamers. jeeze bud, are you new?

  26. $6.9 million on meals and entertainment in 9 months = $25,000 per day ish

  27. its pretty hard to waste the sums of money we're talking about. There was a site not that long ago (

  28. The Ratacombs completely ruined that map.

  29. Don't forget the now destroyed audio.

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