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  1. Seems like institutions buying is an indication the business is doing well

  2. Let's just fuck around and find out

  3. It's an avatar he used 84 years ago

  4. Supposed to say "Chairman", but not 100% sure about the translation (I don't speak chinese ^^)

  5. Hype (and no "art" flair anymore...)

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA (thx, you had me double check the guy's name ^^)

  7. The short version is that only chinese people can own stocks of chinese companies. It was already a much discussed topic before superstonk during the rise of a chinese electric car company that shall not be named this time.

  8. Special rules for special ppl (brigading enforcement aka sub cellar boxing)

  9. Just a little too late for the golden globes... Beautiful job fren <3

  10. Just did a quick search about "uncovered short sales" (aka naked shorting) to know if it's illegal in the UK, and it actually isn't since brexit; it allowed the UK banking system to go back to their former set of rules that allow it.

  11. This sub is so cynical. They reduced their holdings $500,000,000,000 in 8 months. When the overall economy was dropping sharply. We shouldn’t expect much more than that realistically.

  12. At this pace, the massive $$$ injection to bailout the sheet would be "balanced" in 10 years... you can't seriously defend that...

  13. There’s a difference between defending and explaining. I was simply explaining that this is about as good as they can do under the circumstances.

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