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  1. I mean, cool... But that's not an executive chairman's job. I hope he delegates.

  2. That's exactly his job. To many companies have a top exec who sits back while customers complain and shop floor staff can't b arsed. Victorian plumb uk gave me a ton of shit over a toilet.. staff said I could send the broken one back its to dangerous for the delivery driver but that's how he delivered it. Made my 70 yr old dad sign for it said it would be ok.. had 2 little children running around this thing but staff didn't care. Their driver came first apparently. Made a complaint on Facebook. Got a call from the ceo telling staff will be dealt with, Β£250 toilet for a free and a huge bouquet of flowers sent to the house. I will still always use them and never forget it

  3. That’s a good point! Execs need to be more hands-on and see how their company actually operates. Of course he’s not going to fix every little thing but at least he’s engaged.

  4. Absolutely . There's some really good social experiments online where the owner dresses in disguise and enters his/hers own stores to see how things are run.. what they find is not what they want their company to portray .. they don't sack the individuals they tend to offer training

  5. Some one thinking from outside the box ✌ there's alot of shite thrown around here lately this is gold.. be greedy and just hold 🐷

  6. You don't compare q4 earnings with q1. Look at the previous years q1 and compare that.

  7. Yeah and zelda is Q2... they've actually made 100mil this Q compares to last years which is huge. Sales are down because they've closed stores this is natural but profits will increase as shown in the filing. But sales haven't really dropped that much tbh it was a great report for Q1. If this continues then from Q3 this year onwards we should just see profitable quarters.. I'm still expecting a loss in Q2 but only a small compared to Q2 last year. Its on the right path Furlongs time is done he is no longer needed. Sec v gamestop is over Rc can now take the reigns and move us forward without repercussions. Furlong will be back with us soon for other ventures... its looking really promising for the future of the company πŸš€

  8. These are all just titles you get within a company. I need him to do something amazing that will start to turn a profit for every quarter starting now. I’m sick of bleeding money while everybody is telling me he’s playing chess.

  9. Like twitch his nose and poof the company is profitable... gtfoh he's done exactly what you just said.. almost... they're 100mil up this Q .. operations costs dropping hard and still alot to close . Come next year they'll be 50 mill in profit for Q1 ... chess is a long ass game that takes time if you really want to win.. there's short cuts like fools mate that some people fall for but you have to be good to make them follow you.. but if you play the long game you got a better chance.. Cohen is playing chess

  10. Smoking it at the moment.. tbh it's a bit to much lol been having plenty of naps but otherwise a really creamy smoke plenty of crystal and nice dense nugs.. 170 on the 0

  11. Same same here OP. I am holding for 84 years and reading everything. I don't think the DD was wrong. But I have come to suspect that there might not be any MOASS because as we have all seen, the rules and regs mean nothing to them, they cheat and change things as needed. From the beginning I thought that if I was Kennny(and friends) I would MAKE SURE this doesn't happen no matter what. No agency seems to have any power over them, they do what they want and we lose every time. I still have hope, I like the company and the stock and will continue holding. But the idea that I will be swimming in millions....not too sure anymore. Down vote me all you want guys, (I don't care about karma) but many people think this and are afraid to voice any doubt on this sub.

  12. This could easily see 3 - 5k a share in the next few years, if they let it run. But as u say who knows what they'll do to stop it as they have no consequence of what they do πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I'm fuckin around to find out and will continue to buy when I can... I believe in the company and thats all that matters. When the time comes shorts have to close and then it will become a game of them and them.. they'll tear each other apart trying to close those positions

  13. Alot of people bought the baby train and lost

  14. TSLA traded sideways for over 4 years before shorts capitulated. All the TSLA multi millionaires only became so after the 2020 squeeze. Same thing will happen for GME. It was always going to require patience.

  15. My GODs have done the same and iv not found a way to get them back πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Hope you get yours

  16. Download the app it works great for me. πŸ‘

  17. You have to know It's too expensive to delete your guardian.

  18. I smoke to much and forget what day it is mostly but after a quick brain scan I remembered I created 2 wallets and used myself as guardian 😁 so there will be no need for an expensive removal ✌

  19. Can someone please explain the guardian concept to me again? I've been so in and out of this whole saga that I only have surface-level knowledge of these things.

  20. Create 2 new taiko wallets... then use the addresses to be a guardian to yourself.. into settings manage wallet manage guardians add guardian.. when a guardian is in place u can complete the task list..

  21. Can't use my loop wallet as a guardian now tho it says it belongs to taiko and can't be used πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  22. U have to create a new wallet.. thanks for the post I didn't notice it was live.. I'm all set up πŸ‘ I used my 2fa from a previous wallet and the eth activation fee was free again

  23. That's amazing! Imagine trying to explain to the Romans that their existence would be re constructed on a computer in the future 😳

  24. Worth 50p... the duck was the lowest mintage and the one that created the hype. Then the royal mint just kept creating new designs and killed it. There's not a great deal worth collecting in terms of value. Mule coins tend to be the most sought after by professional collectors... Iom and gib Xmas coins are beauties.. infact iom mint much better coins than the royal mint and lower mints.. I'm an error or low mint collector myself.. currently housing a few mules Inc the notorious aquatic swimmer.. my occupation was car park machines 😁

  25. For rollies yeah, never met anyone else who makes spliffs like this irl though

  26. Can't find the logo but I'm digging the purple circle πŸš€

  27. And what's stopping u? Its fallen on the ground. The very thing that allowed these little critters to evolve. If they'd fallen on the road or pavement then uch a fi but the grass is completely natural and poses no threat to ur immune system.. what so ever. Enjoy!!

  28. If you understood how digital wallets work, you would understand it’s simply a visual issue. The tokens are all still there if you can see them in another linked wallet. You can have a loop ring and GameStop wallet both linked to the same address.

  29. Same happend to my GODs.. support have left me hanging so iv said goodbye to them. Can say I won't be using the gme wallet again unless they turn back up. There's no way I'm trusting putting my loops or my imx in there now ... silly really coming from a guy who prides himself on customer satisfaction. This market place and wallet were a little out of his speciality I think.. il stick with loop for my crypto

  30. I've had a pizza that has bits of diced up egg as a topping, and that worked quite well, so a breakfast pizza actually does sound quite good.

  31. Why has nobody done this yet, fried bread pizza base, no puree just bean juice 😍

  32. But there's always another tomorrow πŸš€

  33. I'm so bored of life it's unreal. I dont enjoy being alive i just get through it one day at a time. I cant be fucked to try and have a better life, Ben trying for years and get kicked in the fuck at every single turn, every single time.

  34. I changed my perspective. If I am alive enough to walk my local mountains in the sun, with my kids and my dog, then life is as good as it can be.. man those views 😍 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 me and the wife do plenty of date nights wether it's in a fancy restaurant or a bag of chips and a car ride to the beach life is good... I'm already rich I just didn't know it ✌ hope this helped from one broke mans perspective to another, be good!!

  35. After 4 days off that would settle me back in nicely .. fried bread tho pls chef! Otherwise banging that πŸ”₯

  36. My β€œmate” used to check the weight of his hash with one. It weighs a one sixteenth of an ounce. A penny is double and a two pence piece is a quarter of an ounce.

  37. Yeah those ones lol think everyone had them.. came with little weights aswel but the pennies were always used

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