1. Why are you being downvoted, you're right lmao. It's published in the spin off magazine of the magazine that had stuff like FMA and Soul Eater.

  2. Pretty sure Ishida says something pretty similar in his fight with Mayuri.

  3. I don’t think oda is that smart or gives a shit about history, but maybe, I guess.

  4. I mean that sounds like a very basic fact you could learn through wikia diving or reading encyclopedias.

  5. 6, overall cool mecha stuff, but annoying characters and okay plot.

  6. I'd rather have a training mode where you can practice certain parts of the game over a story mode

  7. I unironically miss when games would shit talk you on the difficulty select screen when you selected easy mode. That shit was hilarious.

  8. I don't, even though I don't ever need to pick those modes, it's just cringe.

  9. Pat: "Hey Woolie, this thing is tailor made for you, so much so that a character even says 'Please play this game Woolie we made it just for you', you should definitely check it out."

  10. Like I totally get not wanting to be bullied into doing something or whatever, but it seems like unless he wanted to do something already, he will refuse to out of spite just because a lot people are excited.

  11. My mom used to make me fetch the items she used to beat me with. She would make me choose between a wooden spoon or a plastic hanger. Conveniently, she remembers none of this nowadays.

  12. The axe forgets, but the tree remembers. For her it was just her asserting her ego as a parent, just another day, but for you they were formative traumatizing memories.

  13. In my opnion, hitting a child is almost always done to make the adult feel better. You made them angry by embarrassing them or whatever, and causing you pain is venting that frustration. Similair to how an abusive husband will beat his wife because his boss got angry with him. Which leads me to a related thought, I think corporal punishment predisposes people to being vulnerable to basuive relationships. Because we're taught that the parent is only doing it because they love them and to correct them, which can feed back into people believing that their spouse who hit them still actually loves them and they did something wrong.

  14. It's not nearly as bad as people say, and is mostly good, it's just has some really disappointing bits. It's not series ruining for sure, if it was there were worse arcs before that would have already done that lol.

  15. Well, no it looks like it was some kind of curtain rod, those types of rods are always thin and never sturdy.

  16. A while ago, Paige showed a tweet where some dude commented on Paige saying Pat hated horror was wrong. Despite the fact Pat agreed with statement, dude insisted he knew Pat more than his wife.

  17. It's not like Paige was the first to say it either lol, he's said it,multiple times on the podcast and on Twitter that the Shitstorm of scariness made him realize he doesn't like horror games unless they're survival horror.

  18. Yeah, I don't really see how you could watch the Shitstorm videos or basically anything else with Pat playing a horror game and leave with the impression that he enjoys horror. Half of the fun of the Shitstorm videos was Matt enjoying the games while Pat was being jump scared like crazy. I'm not one of the crazy fans who thinks they have a deep personal connection to Pat and even I know this.

  19. I mean for God's sake the man jumped out of his skin when he turned around and noticed the food that Paige had stealthy laid on his desk.

  20. We have drive thru fast food and we get handed napkins. Usually one or two for each meal. A handful is excessive and wasteful.

  21. It's not wasteful if you use them? We don't throw them away lol.

  22. Just because we can get so many, in case we need them. At worst we take them home and use them there.

  23. People like him because he's an unlikable monster, he's as if the "good" guys just have Joseph Mengle on their side, and they just kind of look around awkwardly whenever he's mentioned.

  24. Watched the movie recently, it wasn't bad. Kind of just a generic action-hero film for the time, but it had heart and was fun to watch.

  25. Yes you do, that's why countries which can afford to make it a legal requirement.

  26. They make a legal requirement because people are morons that need blindingly obvious warnings. Any person paying rhe absolute bare minimum attention required to drive should have noticed him. They are there to protect workers, not because it's their fault if they don't use then.

  27. Interspecies Reviewers got a lot of new viewers after Funimation took it off on their site saying that "the series fell outside their standards", while the series is one of the more raunchy anime, considering that Funimation have licensed similarly raunchy anime in the past like Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, High School D×D, Valkyrie Drive,The Testament of Sister New Devil and Shimoneta,(We Without Wings – Under the Innocent Sky even has a paizuri scene in about episode 8)people have pointing out the hypocrisy of the company standards online and along with Amazon, Tokyo MX and SUN TV later dropping it, cause the show to get more popular on some level.

  28. I think that the whole situation as cringe and overblown, the anime was way more kinky than the manga and they weren't comfortable with doing it anymore, and I think that's completely fair. They weren't judging or trying to stop anybody from watching it. It got turned into a stupid culture war thing because of cringe weebs.

  29. Nah, this is specifically for athletes, so this is for baring trans women from women's sports without having a genital inspection.

  30. It will also probably ban top tier women athletes since a lot of them don’t have periods, are super irregular, etc since the high stress sports can have on your body.

  31. Also, the cis women who are just naturally high in testosterone. It happens in like Olympic level sports where cis women get banned for being high in T.

  32. Not all Nazis were German either, there tons of willing fascists in the countries they occupied.

  33. I mean , at least America do have two schools , even though it would make no sense for a mexican to either go to the anglican school or for the brazillian school.

  34. Yeah, obviously Canada and America should be one school, and Brazil have its own, but I also think Central America should have its own serrated from Spanish speaking South. Asia should be easy if you research even a little, but Africa God, you would need to do a lot to understand how to divide that.

  35. :') I figured there had to be a few, but I'd at least hope its less common!

  36. I think the reason why you think that is that most mainstream comics are written or drawn by multiple people that come and go, so if someone dies, it's sad but the show can go on. But with manga, they are always someone's baby, so it feels etong to replace them, so they don't and it ends. Thus people make a bigger deal of their deaths or injuries

  37. But… why though? Most of the Right is chomping at the bit to escalate military action against Iran, and it’s a purely symbolic resolution anyway.

  38. He basically sees it as job to be a road block to anything getting done.

  39. On this subreddit graphics don't matter unless you don't like the game.

  40. This isn't really a contradiction, you can be tired of the constant push for better and better graphics while also noticing something just doesn't look good at all, which typically happens most often with game trying to look realistic.

  41. Seems like Chicago bullshit but driveway too nice for Chicago.

  42. Not all of Chicago is fucked, there are richer parts.

  43. The confidence is based on precise expert engineering because of the well founded fear if it operated the same as a normal bomb.

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