This is your yearly reminder that there is no fucking way the Lords of Westeros would pick some emotionless, creepy, Stark kid with no claim to the throne, who tells everyone he’s a fucking bird now over the legitimized son of a former king

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  • By - -R33K

  1. I think Brad Pitt would make a good Jack.

  2. I enjoyed the first Mountain Man book. But by the end of the series they became unstoppable half zombie badasses. Hate that all the books go that way.

  3. I enjoyed the Mountain Man series and would recommend it. However, I too agree that I didn't care for the OP half zombie soldier characters towards the end of the series, the first one was ok and was sort of neat, but the woman one later kind of bothered me as I felt she was a Mary Sue that just solved every problem if you know what I mean.

  4. Alex Skolnick, Andreas Kisser, always loved Rocky George from Suicidal.

  5. Agreed on Alex Skolnick, that's who I always thought would be a good replacement lead guitarist.

  6. I recently played as Mordecai and I got a Liquid Orion at lvl 15 and used it the rest of the game, all the way to lvl 69.

  7. Days Gone had a PC version released in 2021.

  8. I feel they were added so there would be a "plausible" way for the large horde to get inside the Commonwealth. Otherwise they would have just been stuck at the gate and easily dispatched.

  9. Trusting the smartest guy from the enemy group to create all of your ammunition and expecting him to be fully compliant

  10. Not only that, but not testing/using any of that ammunition at all up to that point.

  11. I think Negan/Saviors would have eventually been wiped out by CRM or CW.

  12. If it happened, I think it would be of the 28 Days Later variety, where the infected aren't actual zombies, thus infected humans that spread the disease. In that case, normal rules apply and they would eventually starve to death. In that case, all you need to do is ride out a few months and there shouldn't be any more infected. However, the society collapse that happens during that time and society re-establishment that happens after is a different story.

  13. We've had the Long Night, yes. But what about second Long Night?

  14. I don't think they know about second Long Night, DaaaahWhoosh.

  15. My God, If he came out and said "Sorry for the delay, guys. It was because I finished both books." I might just hyperventilate.

  16. This is my secret hope as well. We'd be shocked to find out the long delay was because he finished both books, not just the one.

  17. I know everyone likes to shit on the United States for our "gun culture", but I think that would work in our favor in a true ZA. I bet we'd have the ZA here taken care of in a matter of days.

  18. I personally think a semi automatic .22 with suppressor (such as Ruger 10-22) would be perfect if we are just talking about zombies.

  19. I agree, I liked the episode but wish more happened in it. I don’t think a death was necessary though, as long as we get more than one in the last few episodes in should be fine.

  20. Yeah, when the next scene skipped a few hours to the morning and the herd was dead, I was like wtf.

  21. I honestly don't subscribe to the Halbrand is Sauron idea.

  22. I would like to think that I would be the type that once a stable group and base are set up, would focus on scavenging what we can from the surrounding area and actively working on zombie killing to reduce the local numbers of zombies. Basically start working on taking back the world and rebuilding.

  23. You know, I really think that number is way too low, I know he’s the creator and everything, but I seriously doubt there’s only 1.6 million people on a planet of about 8 billion that could survive the apocalypse. Especially when you have to take into a fact that Canada is probably pretty safe in its northern regions, and places like New Zealand and Hawaii are on islands far from most civilization so the walkers can’t exactly reach them, after a while there’d be very few or even no walkers left and they could resume normal life, just with extra precautions. Australia is also huge, and in spite of its size has a pretty small population, so the people there wouldn’t have much of a threat other than the hellspawns that already lived there pre-apocalypse. I mean hell, there are 2.6 million people in Chicago alone, and that place probably hasn’t changed much except now all the dead people get back up. No matter how you look at it, Kirkman’s math just makes no sense and honestly, should be disregarded because there is no way there’s only 1.6 million people left.

  24. Agreed. I think it's more realistic that it's 1.6 million left in the U.S.

  25. I would pick hatchet, good at killing zombies and a useful day to day use tool as well.

  26. Everything will be legal in the apocalypse!

  27. AR15. There are many reasons why it's so popular in the U.S.

  28. Yes, but he's known as Rob Walker.

  29. It is because the script requires it.

  30. Maybe it's just a meme. The polehammer was made to go against knights and armor but

  31. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that video made me want one of those as well.

  32. I imagine aliens with enough tech and mastery of energy to travel across lightyears just for an invasion could literally wipe us out before we knew they existed. Change the path of an extinction size asteroid to strike us, for example

  33. I added alien invasion as a joke. I agree we'd be in a lot of trouble if we ever crossed paths with hostile aliens.

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