1. I gave a professor a 1/5 because he got information wrong and he wrote the textbook where he got it all correct.

  2. Deciding not to buy a house right at the beginning

  3. I signed paperwork, no mask, picked up keys with masks on.

  4. He has another performance tomorrow, but I missed where it was.

  5. They are talking about the goal of the venture. What are you willing to compromise in service of the main goal.

  6. That doesn't sound creepy.. It sounds like a really really kind and considerate host.

  7. its creepy when they don't take NO for an answer and keep forcing alcohol on you. Its creepy when they ignore your medical issues.

  8. A creepier person is one that shows up to a wine party but hates the taste of wine AND has medical issues and then complains by using a pretty gross word to describe what sounds like an epic host who did everything in their power to try to accommodate you and introduce you to a great variety of wine to see if anything would stick or at least show you a good time. At their own great expense nonetheless.

  9. I was a plus one to what was called a "Halloween party" to me.

  10. We used to spray the thermostat at a movie theater we worked at with the freeze spray that we used to remove gum from seats.

  11. I know that can break the thermometer. You get one day of warm then it is no longer sensitive to cold at all.

  12. This was a long time ago. The thermostat we were doing it to was still most likely a mercury type. We were basically just freezing the thermostat metal spring in place so it couldn't shut off or on.

  13. oh nice, would work perfectly for that type

  14. had to look her up, but yeah she seems like ahe does well no matter the role thrown at her

  15. Well she's literally going to be Furiosa, I'm surprised you didn't know her at least for that haha. No hard feelings, she's a great actress but never did such a physical role before, although she apparently trained a lot for that and did have some action scenes in The Menu

  16. I'm the sort of person that tries limit their media intake for video. So I don't watch too much. Reddit is more more my speed.

  17. Yes she’s quite the show stopper lol. Her name is Butters

  18. My grandmother is 97 and still has her mental faculty.

  19. People who say that are just trying to alienate young voters.

  20. I like that I live in a world where people more or less professionally own pets.

  21. Most of them start out honestly trying to make real changes. Once they get in and understand the process you quickly realize you cant do as much as you want without the support of others, and with the support of others comes the I will scratch you back if you scratch my back mentality. And its all downhill from there. You will have to make deals your against to move forward, you will have to lie to someone to get the support of someone else. And so on. You cant make it to the top without making lots of enemies.

  22. funnily enough I saw some preliminary evidence that this is how Nixon ended up a crook.

  23. I was really worried about the guy with the hammer at first he seemed too excited and not careful enough.

  24. Roommate gets a new boyfriend. The man is above 6'5". His first words were "just tell the jokes get them all out of your system and we can all move on."

  25. As a very tall person I honestly don't understand why tall people get annoyed by those comments. I dont think I've ever gotten negative comments or people trying to bully me for my height. If you get bullied for it, then sure I understand. But just innocent comments? I like being tall and I dont mind people commenting on it.

  26. my understanding was he just didn't want the same jokes again and again. Fresh new content was appreciated.

  27. looks in horror as the players repeatedly eat the ducks

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