1. Yep, me too. Big mistake. She also got very jealous and accused me of cheating. She was projecting her behaviour.

  2. Interesting, similar thing happening to me right now. Also getting frustrated by how much the miss you Hoover is getting to me.

  3. not super similar, but maybe you will like Opez

  4. Hey hey, some of us aren't on crack. Just bud and beer and maybe glue.

  5. The neighbourhood salon the owner has crazy curly hair

  6. I understand. “Never argue with a fool- onlookers can’t tell the difference” or something like that. The same answer applies: don’t engage. Starve them. You did say you’re tired of “losing these battles”. You can’t win with someone who cheats, so don’t play. Work on your emotional control/increase your threshold and do whatever is needed for you to get away. Ultimately the only correct answer is to leave.

  7. This. You can't play a game with no rules. At the end of the day, they are the ones with no substance. The only point in staying is out of the hope that the situation will change, which is extremely unlikely. Their pattern will go on indefinitely. The only answer unfortunately is to leave and ignore. I often imagine my nex as a spider just waiting for me to be drawn in. If you can see the toxic web than you need to avoid it or be stuck and drained. It sadly is just a black and white situation.

  8. I'm 7/10 thriving after 2 years almost NC. My nex has asked to see me and pull me back in, which I was tempted by but refrained in the end. Since the discard I'm feeling better, looking better, being kinder to myself and others. I've developed a more mature accountable and honest approach with myself and others (complete with boundaries). I am in a much, much better place in my life and the world is my oyster again I'm still emotionally scarred, but scars are marks of survival and strength. They also make for good stories and interesting conversations with my therapist.

  9. Ok let’s retry. She discarded me this winter after an argument where i snapped and yelled (first time) at her. I realize now that it was reactive abuse. After the discard i went trough hell, never been in such a mental and emotional distress.

  10. Hey dude you're going through the withdrawals. It's a very fucked up time but trust me it does get easier. Eventually you and your body learns to stop hurting. The most important thing after that is remaining NC or at the very least putting up a narc like wall for yourself when it comes to this person. Stay vulnerable with friends and family, work on yourself, trust the process. You'll come out stronger than before (just with battle scars).

  11. Looks like a normal dude. Probably just short on top of being boring perhaps?

  12. Hey nothing wrong with a short king I assure you

  13. Dezzzaa's pork sausage and pho 👌

  14. Ftbh says:

    This is out of genuine curiosity and I might sound ignorant as fuck. What is with the nail polish and all the colors and stuff when you come out? Like why does being gay equate to femininity a lot of the time? Are there just like bros that like to bang dudes? I probably sound stupid

  15. Umm just so you know you don't have to be gay to wear nail polish. I have a pretty straight track record (but am an open minded person) and wear nail polish sometimes. It's just for fun.

  16. Ftbh says:

    I’m not saying that at all. I know a lot of straight guys especially now, that like nail polish. I was just asking questions, meant no harm.

  17. Hi I saw some of your responses to the justice post on narc exes and found your words really comforting. Congratulations for making it to 1 year NC. As someone who went through a similar journey of pain for someone they loved, it's validating to hear that other people's experiences haven't stopped them from being caring or empathic, even to the person that nearly destroyed them. After 2 years, I still struggle to not open up the door into my ex's life despite how horribly she treated me and despite me knowing exactly where that road goes. I woke up this morning and had a peak into her life for the first time since she made contact earlier in the year. Oddly it gets easier everytime seeing her and the life she leads now. I truly see through her world as sad, lonely and meaningless. While I took no comfort from her not thriving, I did find comfort knowing that my journey despite the suffering our world's colliding had caused, is now filled with light and growth. I survived, I grew stronger, more empathetic, more bold and more sure of myself. If I can just let go of my hang ups and start trusting myself again I'll find someone who eclipses the idea of this person 10 fold. For now she still holds weight in my mind as I was completely addicted to her and may likely remain addicted indefinitely until I find someone more worthy of commitment. But I just wanted to say that your words and experience (without fully knowing but understanding the pain) really resonated with me and has helped align me after my minor relapse. Thank you for sharing (sorry for lurking) and goodluck with your journey and the lessons they bring. I feel like it we would learn a lot from each other over a coffee but hey the internet is a weird place and Reddit will do.

  18. Earlier in the evening I was wearing a suit tailored by Edward Sexton and thinking sadly about my family’s house in Newport.

  19. Hey, this was helpful to read. What videos did you find on this? Would you mind sharing the link?

  20. I would also be interested

  21. I didn't meet up FYI. After doing some research I've come to terms with the fact that she's a narcissist, there's a lot of information out there

  22. Mont Tempest. Not light but will not disappoint

  23. Yeah, sometimes, mostly for not listening to my gut instincts. Part of me knew at the time regarding the gaslighting the manipulative and the demeaning behaviors, and part of me was always giving my nex the benefit of the doubt because individually, each separated incident had enough ambiguity in them that they could be interpreted one way or another. Gradually, I became a shell of my former self. I see it as a learning experience, and part of it is learning self-forgiveness.

  24. Wow this is very relatable, I too sadly chose to ignore my instincts, digging myself a hole so deep playing their game that its taken me years to accept the mirage of their love for what it was. A lesson is the only thing that comes from these experiences that we unfortunately needed to learn the hard way.

  25. Oh, sorry. Been busy talking to family for Father's Day. Lol

  26. Man that's a big drop. Did you rappel off a fixed single line? Or did you bring 200 metres of rope?

  27. "Gotta catch em all, Gotta catch em all"

  28. Incredible room in the first two shots

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