I wanna give a shoutout to the employees at DHS CIA FBI NSA DOD SEC DOJ OSINT. Thanks for stopping by the sub. now how about actually DOING SOMETHING since IT AFFECTS YOU TOO.

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  1. I always laugh when their porn addiction is brought it. On a work computer at that. Head through zipper. On a Monday. Just sat down at the desk. Deadline in three hours.

  2. He heard the Randy Orton entrance music about hearing voices in his head.

  3. Cool. Fewer targets means higher single-target DPS anyways. Pile on, boys - loot pinata raid just unlocked!

  4. I’m more of an AOE kinda guy. Just taunt off me so I don’t die lol

  5. Spoiler alert: A loaf of bread in 2024 will be $1T.

  6. Spoiler Alert alert: I still have games I haven’t even played yet. I’ll be fine

  7. The difference is the profitable quarter. I definitely expect the floor to be higher and higher over time

  8. Hopefully it goes to $17 I mean $8 per share. Please hedgies whatever you do don’t let it get to $2 :/

  9. Wish I had a teacher that cared as much as her to not give me detention or ISS/OSS.

  10. If you have three bad guys and ten “good guys” and the ten good guys don’t stop the three bad guys you now have thirteen bad guys.

  11. I mean… he’s a cop so that’s par for the course. In some states they’re paid to do exactly that.

  12. When I was 12 the most deadly thing I owned was a Beyblade an I fucked up my mums kitchen cabinets (closet to the floor) with it. Next sharpe thing I owned was probably a fake Obelisk the Tormenter card I colored copied off the internet and glued to a trap card from yugi oh

  13. Are you me? I did the exact same thing with gluing cards 😂

  14. We had a great childhood, plus we saved money while having all the God Cards lol

  15. Swap data is controlled by the CFTC, and they have a comment period open regarding transparency. I’ll find the link.

  16. This could take another 5 years. No one knows. Be prepared for the long haul imo

  17. If I can wait this long for GTA6 then I’ll Be fine. That was ten years ago anyways. I think

  18. I’m unsure how Americans use their days off, but I usually not try to bother ppl or dogs with fluffy beds

  19. I wanted people to know the GameStop earbuds are only $55.55. They’re awesome especially considering that price point. I needed a new set of earbuds for work. I love these so much and the price is good enough I’m going to buy 2 more pairs. As shareholders, you should buy a pair so you can see the GameStop quality. It’s legit! You will love the company that much more when see it for yourself. I’m happy to say GameStop isn’t cutting corners.

  20. Actually yes there’s even a mic. Haven’t tested that yet though

  21. Cheers. I have long hair sort of so the over the ears headset hurts my head after a while. Gonna see if I can get this.

  22. Still had my accounted for before they pulled this little last Hail Mary

  23. I been thinking of writing a review on Citadel, under each rotten tomato or apple store review. My review would in-fact tell how Ken Griffin lied his ass off under oath.

  24. Suppose this is also why when main stream media wanted to talk to superstonk we mostly voted to tell them to go fuck themselves.

  25. Just to piggyback off this comment, main steam media can still go fuck themselves.

  26. Cops: Charge him with three separate instances of loitering. What's that? He's dead? Case closed then...

  27. She’s having a bad day an maybe a mental breakdown and requesting to see picture of the dog to feel better.

  28. Update: this game is amazing. Idk why but Cleaning my gun and brushing my horse feels relaxing

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