1. Is it for trade ifso check my page

  2. What armor and talisman are u wearing

  3. Get a flip front, gets the job done!

  4. Expired couldnt get my hands on this on or the sabelye

  5. I'm looking for literally any sum13 event mons expected dialga

  6. I got smr2011 zoruak Palkia sum13 Girantina sum13

  7. Its says turn on gps. But my gps is on

  8. Trade me literally anything with correct info that hasn't been to SwSh

  9. They are all correct info, and not have been in swsh

  10. Awesome, trade me any of them you want. Do you want a level 15 or a level 76? Both are Liberty Pass

  11. Wont let me send pics, but the ferrothorn is lv 100, hyper trained, no good speed, relaxed, leech seed

  12. i ll do cloyster scraggy pika and zoroark for 2 of mine

  13. I can do that which second one u trade and send pokemon home code for trade

  14. Victini and volcanion or magearna ?

  15. Shiny victini still available for trade ?

  16. Yes, I haven’t found anyone who has a shiny pokeball magearna yet.

  17. For whom? I’m only trading the 2 of them for a shiny pokeball magearna.

  18. I can find the full helmet for $132 but cannot find the part as much as I may try with a 9002 series number. Have you tried emailing or calling 3M? They might not have parts listed for sale but may have some dead stock laying around in a warehouse.

  19. Where did y found the full helm for 132 and the other option is a good one

  20. I just checked the link and it looks like it’s only the hood none of the internals or suspension. Picture they used was wildly misleading. Sorry brother.

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