1. I think this is still a huge gamble. What if you take out $200,000 in loans for Georgetown and the economy crashes? Presumably you won’t be a shoo-in for BL at that point. And there’s really no way to pay those loans back without one of those jobs.

  2. People don’t research enough before going to law school

  3. I like to bring awareness to this for everyone. Even I frequently will think “oh I can just take out 150k more debt for a school ranked 10 spots higher”

  4. Did you forget all your studying from the LSAT already? You can’t assume what the whole will look like based on a small subset of the parts…

  5. y’all have got to stop doomposting there is no indication that “a good chunk” of T14 medians are going to be 3.9+ and 172+

  6. But baby I would love to be the first one to receive an award from you, if you wanted to, and I wanted to.

  7. In my opinion, I would not attend either if I was paying for more than half tuition. Because COL is so high in New York, I would not attend Fordham unless I had near full tuition ($$$+) scholarship

  8. The OP is silly but there are absolutely micro stakes regs.

  9. Enjoy graduating with little to no debt, and knowing you will be financially free no matter where you want to practice (and flexibility to choose where you want to go and what you want to do).

  10. Not raising on the flop was the problem. One pair is not a slow play hand three ways. By the time you get to the river you have no idea what they have, and that's why you had to fold. Neither of them would have called the raise.

  11. I don’t think he was intending to slow play. I think if he raises he only gets called by better, he doesn’t have much to protect his hand from except maybe QT or T8, and he can keep all of villains middle pairs and weak holdings in play.

  12. This is why I fucking hate live poker sometimes. No solver would ever do this; this is just a fucking out-of-this-world terrible play against a hero’s range that should be extremely fucking strong, but they decide to lead out with just a pair on the river as a bluff? we’re forced to fold everything that isn’t better than two pair here, which lets them print money against us.

  13. I swear to God I do not know how people twice my age consistently use the words in the opposite context. They will consistently only use the word “trips” when they flop a set, and vice versa. It’s uncanny.

  14. Columbia's looks like someone highlighted everything on the webpage in their browser (or CTRL A'd)

  15. Weird combination of experience I know. But one thing that never changes is my love for fighting, either in a ring or on a campaign or in the courtroom.

  16. Jeff Hwang's book The Big Play Strategy is a good non-technical place to start on basic TAG play.

  17. Written in 2008, but I guess it doesn’t matter as much for PLO if it’s that outdated as the game hasn’t quite evolved??

  18. I'm sure advanced strategy has come a long way since then, but it's a book for beginners and the core fundamentals can't have shifted too much. He has more advanced books and those may not have aged as well, I dunno.

  19. Would you rather do that or go 60ishk in debt to make 80k? Because that's roughly looking at assuming no savings and getting a median-ish outcome (not big law) from a full-ride to a lower tier law school.

  20. I’m a little biased because I don’t want biglaw, but ideally I’d rather go for free, anywhere.

  21. Graduating with 200k in debt to make 220k a year is rarely wise in my opinion. I argue it would take at least 3 years to pay off that debt, at minimum.

  22. I remember playing at the Bellagio with Ivey to my left. I was UTG and saw I had aces. I open shoved for 700BB.He open folded 27off. I played with the BEST and I WON. I OUTPLAYED him right then and there

  23. Nice job…but I wouldn’t recommend doing that again.

  24. 3.8/168. (Barely) T-30 schools now have better medians than middle-of-the-pack T-14 schools had a few years ago. Law school admissions is going to pop at some point. It might come in the firm of slowly deflating medians or it might come in the form of some serious shakeups in the application/admissions process, but it will pop.

  25. I think unlikely imo. It’ll only get harder

  26. It’s hard to imagine a world where T14 median GPAs are at 3.93+ and T30 is at 3.87+. To even step foot in the T50 you need a 3.7.

  27. This was literally me. You are not alone. Start off by making small goals (one hour of studying on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s before 6:00 pm, etc.

  28. You are a pathetic junkie. Too stupid to understand and follow simple rudimentary instructions.

  29. Poker posters or big poker-related signs they can hang up in their “den” or where ever

  30. The best law schools you can get a full ride to. Check out lsat demons scholarship estimator. You have the stats to go to law school for free. Please go for free unless you are biglaw or bust.

  31. This is really important. I literally can not see this reminder too many times as this subreddit is super focused on rankings

  32. The demon has a hold on me, they’ve corrupted me into not getting those sweet 6% grad plus loans lol.

  33. Id prefer not to be 200k in debt even if I am in the 10% of applicants who have a 50% shot or greater at making $200k a year

  34. His sister is just as much as a dirt bag as him. Going to pick up what she thought was a 16 year old stranger for her grown ass criminal brother.

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