german riot police defeated and humiliated by some kind of mud wizard

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  1. "Oh, you like sex, and might possibly want to have sex with me? Wait, that means you've had sex with other people and you're going to at least subconsciously compare me and my performance to them, but I've never had a partner to let me practice or learn how to be a good partner for sex (because of my own insecurities as much as other circumstances) and so my insecurity is immediately going to make me defensive and I need to attack you for it!"

  2. Without power and toughness, this dies while the ETB trigger is on the stack. Unless it doesn't because your opponent can't read it. Also, [[Ice Cauldron]]

  3. If someone can pass the eye exam the way that card describes it, they are welcome to win, lol.

  4. Speaking as a fellow member of Gen X, and someone playing since 1994, I want you to understand that I'm posting this with my whole heart:

  5. If you seriously bunny proof your room, encase all cables in protective covers, and maybe put a waterproof mattress pad protector or a waterproof blanket, you could.

  6. That is the eventual goal. It just isn't happening nearly as quickly as I would like it to.

  7. Mealworms can eat styrofoam. I bet this is some kind of beetle larva

  8. I wasn't aware of that, and this looks like it was something like that. Thank you.

  9. It’s crazy how delusional some people are. Your clearly seeing what you want to see when there’s evidence of rodents all around. Mats in second picture are soiled along with the first picture clearly has teeth marks. Stop reaching Stretch.

  10. Perceptions are quite interesting things, and they are innately influenced by our expectations. Perhaps you should consider your own advice in this instance as well.

  11. Sure, if you mess it up. I'm not going to claim that I'm perfect at this, but I've practiced a fair amount to not screw it up.

  12. I'm sure it's easy if you are playing on pc, while I am on console with the torturous skill activation wheel of death. It makes it quite problematic to time things accurately and having the extra complexity just increases the odds of screwing it up.

  13. Dude what did you take today? I think you're having a psychotic breakdown

  14. Lol, I homeschool my two children and spend every day with them. You have to keep your inner child alive, dude!

  15. I'm just going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that your brand of vanilla is not too well acquainted with actual fun...

  16. Sometimes water can be at the boiling temperature, but the gas doesn’t have anywhere to fork (nucleation points).

  17. That's because I'm not pouring it, I'm putting the tea bags into the kettle. This is more or less along the lines of what I was thinking but I wasn't quite certain of what actual function was occurring. Thank you.

  18. I'd like to argue this a little lol. Women have been shown in numerous studies to be more empathetic toward animals and humans. We see this clearly in things like dietary choices, where a significant majority of vegans and vegetarians are women. So this is not to say that men can't have these same traits but if we're talking about population-level trends, it is statistically more likely that a woman would care about buns opposed to a man.

  19. That is a fair point, but men/males are hardly relegated to a mere anecdotal representation. Gosh I don't want to go down the "rabbit hole" of arguing the validity of various perspectives, even if it is the rabbits forum.

  20. Just as a note, the scalp hair growth is not unconstrained. People have a maximum length they can reach with their hair, which varies by individual and gender. This is governed by the anagen, telegen, and catagen phases of the hair follicle (may have misspelled them). These govern the growth, static, and dropping phases of growth of individual hair follicles.

  21. I struggled with what verbage and descriptors to use, to best convey my query, though nothing completely accurate came to mind.

  22. Okay I seriously need to meme this one once I figure out exactly what I should do with it. Something is there I just can't put my finger on it...

  23. Sorry Mayo, I am resistant to psychic attacks and mind altering effects. I'll still give you head pets though.

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