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  1. You're overthinking. How fast do you think places update their websites?

  2. As others pointed's in Korean currency. This is not 10 billion USD. Hardly a big deal.

  3. Just check Amazon. You just need a USB that wiggles the mouse. This is not high end complex hardware

  4. Just to be clear for people, it should physically wiggle it, not simulate a wiggle on the machine.

  5. 🤔 like I have an actual mouse plugged in and this physically moves the mouse? Why is that better than a USB that is moving my mouse on screen in tiny movements?

  6. Its all within a 4d chess move to stay on regsho and have forced ftd buy ins

  7. Someone's based out of Chicago...can't quite put my finger on who...

  8. I agree. Not sure if everyone here is that dumb or if bots are just running wild.

  9. if that's the case then, wouldn't apple or coca cola have something similar regarding their splits?

  10. No. Same way historical GME price is now shown as 1/4 of what it was because of 4:1 split, multiple reverse splits inflate the historical price. Delete this, it's too smooth.

  11. This wasn't a surprise. China wants its citizens productive. Kids are allowed to play video games for something like an hour a day on the weekends, that's it. No amount of web3 will let you skip that when the government controls your internet.

  12. Tough to say. I'm 2 weeks into my first J2 and do feel a little guilty for not actually doing anything but I figure that is the nature of remote work. There will be work eventually, I am not in a rush to get it.

  13. Because all that shit you mentioned is very tin foily and crazy sounding.

  14. Notice how there's no decline option, just not now and we will bother you about this again whenever we want

  15. Imagine having all that money, and you still gotta wake up everyday being Ken Griffin

  16. Do it!!!! But do it anonymously unless you have a mutual respect relationship already.

  17. I don't think it has to be anonymous. You're a student. Show him something you've read. It'll Jack his tits to understand more about why Lambert was such a shitty ceo.

  18. Almost back to "the battle of $X" and the grim reaper knocking memes

  19. THIS IS A SCAM! You'll deposit the check but it will bounce a few days later. Cease comms with this "company".

  20. Yeah I read about this and this is what prompted me to post here. Is it an issue if I’ve given them my mailing address?

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