'West using Ukraine to destroy Russia' - Putin

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  1. Do you have any clue how expensive gravel is? I'd just open a gravel company.

  2. I love the idea that New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas aren't desert too.

  3. uhh..spoiler...the worst people/villains were white people. The mayor's son's friends. The head villain. The head villain's accomplice. The monster attacking everyone. The original pilgrim settlers. White...white....white...and a whole lot of white. What a nothing-burger. People stirring the pot about this show. need to get a life.

  4. If we're being honest. Most villains in most Hollywood movies are white. Mostly because most Hollywood movies have almost exclusively white casts, but still.

  5. I dont know about the US but in the country I grew up. It is totally normal for parents to kiss their own son/daughter.

  6. Were you also expected to sit on your dad's lap and pose for a picture with him kissing you to post on his social media though?

  7. As we all know, men must never touch their sons except for a brisk handshake on special occasions.

  8. I wouldn't think anything of it if the son wasn't also a teenager sat in his dad's lap. That's more creepy. Also for the picture to be posted online. It's one thing if your dad gives you a kiss and tells you he loves you.

  9. Bro "Starvation" and "Abandoned" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  10. Am I a grown woman who likes a good Disney movie? Sure. Do I enjoy a trip to Disney World on occasion? Absolutely, rides and food are fun! But the people who’s entire personality is Disney are just exhausting emotionally. Dude, my cat just died, I don’t wanna hear a Disney quote.

  11. My cousin doesn't have a pot to piss in, has 2 kids, multiple pets, works shitty jobs and never tries to get anything better than minimum wage. Yet she will spend every cent she has on buying stupid Disney shit for herself.

  12. I have the opposite thing: if someone is very vocally against too many things, I worry that they base too much self image (and judgement of others) on matters of taste. Like to call Frozen or Taylor Swift objectively trash is to be someone whose sense of taste is built on contrarianism which makes you pretty boring overall to spend time with.

  13. I was so hyped to finally fight her the first time. I heard how hard she was.

  14. At first I thought "west" was referring to Kanye and I was wondering wtf he did this time

  15. How hard? Do we mean a little donk to see if the shock wakes them or do they cave the skull in?

  16. Probably like 9 outfits total. I like finding what looks good and keeping it. Im not one for changing looks every day/month/year. I just want something solid that looks nice. So not much for me. Not counting underwear, maybe 40 pieces. Shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, etc.

  17. This makes me wonder if there were people doing this shit in Constantinople or shit too. Like is this new or has it always been like this? I like to imagine it's always been weird but nobody talked about it until now because we can film it.

  18. My guess is that behaviour like this exists for along time but because of religions persons like this wouldn't do shit like this in public because they were scared to get stoned, hanged or something else

  19. So stoning needs to make a comeback is what your telling me?

  20. So is the point of that series to show gear that people think is bad and showing how it can still be useful or is it as stupid as I think and he just sits there and shits on every piece of gear he can find? I swear everything ever made is covered in that series and I just don't get it.

  21. Ahhh, no I never watched because it always annoyed me within the first minute or so. Makes more sense but I still don't think I'll watch.

  22. Crazy how people don't want to date someone who is fine with killing for money...

  23. My city doesn't let us recycle pizza boxes because of the grease. It's so dumb.

  24. America's Overton Window is heavily skewed to the right/conservative. Democrats are closer to center or even center right leaning by comparison to what the rest of the world views as "leftist". Progressives like Bernie and AOC are just casual leftists in most of the rest of the developed world while being labeled as "radical" left in America

  25. Exactly. I haven't heard either of them talk about taking land back from corporations or that they want to break up the entire market. That would be an extreme leftist. They just want universal healthcare and free education..

  26. Everyone's convinced they're coming for war. What if they just come to bang?

  27. idek if i’d recommend the main sub for people looking to get into synths just over the amount of passive aggression in there, and the fact that the bulk of the sub is made up off of expensive = better and not using these things as tools. You’ll hear someone say [x] synth sounds flat and u should buy the “better” version of it that’s “$3K” and the whole time they just hate EQ-ing sounds and menu diving one knob to turn the volume down 💀

  28. Also they have no knowledge on anything beyond the most famous synths. You ask any technical questions or about any slightly lesser known brand and you can literally hear the crickets through the screen.

  29. Miquella. I just stunlocked her. It took me 2 tries. The first time. I died because I didn't know there was another phase.

  30. Well to be fair, we made a section in space to allow fire to occur. Earth is still the only place where it can naturally occur. Space requires unnatural forces to allow the conditions necessary for a naturally occurring fire.

  31. Who's to say we aren't natural? We're all stardust after all

  32. Totally thought this comment was about the Worms games and was very intrigued for a minute...

  33. So it's ok for him to say something deriding a way people parent and label it a race thing, but if someone making a comment deriding a black person's parenting and label it a race thing, people will rightfully be upset at you for being a racist.

  34. Stfu this has nothing to do with that. Stop using phrases you don't understand.

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