Chainsaw Man - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL

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  1. Not gonna lie, considering how hyped up this series was, it was pretty mid. Really, it's visual style and interesting premise are all it has going for it. I know I'm gonna get flak for this, but I really can0t believe all the praise.

  2. It's not even mid, it's worse. And the manga isn't better.

  3. Yeah. It's weird, here on Reddit, all I see is effusive praise. Elsewhere, it's people disappointed at the adaption of an overrated manga.

  4. She likes the main character (yellow shirt guy) but he's oblivious to it and in love with someone else. She's always there for him and is just a bro in general. Then at the end of the show, while trying to save him and his gf, she gets absolutely fucking splattered out of nowhere. Very sad.

  5. On that note, y'all think it's weird we beat our meat to a character that kicks the bucket?

  6. Great question and I have wondered this myself as I have seen trans porn actresses seem to have no issues with shrinkage, erections, or ejaculate. I have been on HRT for over 19 months and it didn't take long for nothing to come out when orgasming. Erections are still possible but aren't what they use to be, viagra helps a lot but you can see the shrinkage. Honestly I have no idea how anyone taking a blocker and E can keep having ejaculate. You can still have a great orgasm even with no ejaculation.

  7. Lol I was thinking about her when I wrote this. Now by be weird about it, you mean not bust a nut to the moment she gets crushed, right?

  8. Are you masturbating to their death or just to the character who happens to have died? The former is a tad more concerning, although as always if you can keep real life and fake pleasures separate then whatever, have at it

  9. Character who happened to have died. I think the first is basically soft necrophilia.

  10. I see the thick, but not the fit, lol. Also, how is a girl this chunky gonna have boobs that small?

  11. Shame about her death. Real question: do you guys consider it weird to beat your meat to a character that dies in a manga/anime/game or whatever?

  12. Drink at least 500ml of water when I wake up. Of course, I drink more throughout the day.

  13. Young Justice. First and second seasons were alright, but the third was ass and the current one is just straight dogshit.

  14. I was working in a call center and I was told my accent was sexy. I'm Mexican, but was raised in the US, so I don't really have a perceivable accent. The weirder one was probably when I crossed paths with my sister on the street randomly. Later she told me that before she had noticed it was me, she thought to herself, "That guy's hot."

  15. Sex in public bathrooms is disgusting. That's where strangers piss and shit. Come on now people.

  16. Kind of silly how so many subreddits need you to have a certain amount of karma. It's hard as shit to get into commenting and posting.

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