GameStop is Now Oversold (GME)

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  1. What's funny is that technically cars are only legal through regulation. You can't throw one together in your garage to drive around town unless it meets specific criteria as "street legal", is licensed and registered to the DMV and you yourself as a driver have the proper license.

  2. Everyone here knows we are not the only customers of these audiences right? We're already sold on this shit, they need to hype for external / new users. This sub gets worked up over the dumbest shit sometimes.

  3. Galach I believe is the universal common language with a form of Chakobsa being the secret battle language for Atreides and also part of the language of the Fremen.

  4. Just got my work bonus, went right into a Computershare order. Couldn't have been better timing.

  5. Given RC is always talking about delighting customers and rewarding its shareholders, GS needs to be profitable and capable of dividends for the market to justify the price to increase first leading towards shorts closing as they're caught in the clear open now as being on the wrong side of a bet. The only exception will be locking the float.

  6. This subreddit has become the pinnacle of financial news, I love it here.

  7. Ikora was the lead in for Witchqueen, spent a lot of time at the enclave. That said, agreed they both do seem to be more of backseat guardians. Commanders to our grunt work?

  8. Did you want an egg in these trying times? Who cares.

  9. As a house hold share holder and investor I have no feelings about what other investors are doing with their own money. I just like the stock.

  10. Smooth brain, when a game like this goes live, how does the GME marketplace make a financial gain from this? Does Gamestop get a piece of every in game transaction?

  11. Need one of those "I did that!" stickers but of Trump, start posting those around train derailments.

  12. They didn't, a council of folks put a collection of works together and deemed it the bible. Prior to this every church and faith leader taught their own version of Christianity, there was no uniformed message. It took a group of humans, to vote and agree on other works of humans to make what we now know as the bible. You see this same 'schism' in every form of abrahamic religion.

  13. I suspect every institutional holder is lending all their shares for shorting. The only ones that are not I would bet is DRS and Insiders.

  14. Wasn't it raining on Titan pretty often? Or was that just "mist" from the ocean?

  15. I don't recall an ocean on Io. Did you mean Titan?

  16. That was a lot to read and I'll be honest I skimmed most but thank you for the tl;dr at the end.

  17. Pre BH/KA additions (Original 7 books by FH of Dune through Chapterhouse) I don't believe Earth is ever really mentioned with exception to some moments where Paul and or Leto II recall specific events in humans history pertaining to Earth. If memory serves, I think they even comment that most of the existing universe doesn't even know about Earth as the origin point of humans.

  18. There are always to sides in a trade… you’re either long or short! The loser is the one that exits the trade with less money than they started…

  19. Not sure why you’re downvoted you are correct. Long positions gain money when value increases. Short positions gain money when value decreases.

  20. We're drained at every possible opportunity for owning a car:

  21. I remember when my dad was showing me how to use our computer and we had sticky notes will all these commands for cmd around the monitor. One day he showed me how to launch windows and use that to access files and run some games. I remember thinking...this is dumb, I have to run an application to launch a game?

  22. Gamers have been asking for NFT integration for video games longer than realized, they just didn't know it yet.

  23. Its not missing, its in congress pocket and all their friends.

  24. Probably best quick summary of GEOD I've ever seen. I'd only add that he backs up his plan with a fanatical cult called the Fishspeakers who serve as his bodyguard and army. Kind of the modern Sardukar/Fedaykin. They're probably the only people who don't have a problem with this plan.

  25. Thanks for asking those tough questions, as an individual investor doing my own thing with my own money, this is a subject of relevance.

  26. I don't think stores with larger footprints is the strategy they want to pursue while they are trying to cut costs. More space=more expenses which they cannot afford right now. Maybe some time in the future they'll have a few stores in large population centers to serve the purpose you describe above

  27. Thats a good point, I failed to take that into account. It may actually be working to their advantage atm then to have such small locations.

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