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  1. She also joked about rape and told her fans to send her photos of their sh scars

  2. Ok that CANNOT be normal bro how is that so huge

  3. HOLY SHIT THATS ME AYOOOOO (btw im all good nothings wrong luckly)

  4. The way I can tell you're polish JUST from looking at the kabanos package bro its like a radar

  5. I feel like this sub went from genuanely calling fakers out, to posting anyone who shows the slightest sighns of autism because it "doesnt seem real enough"

  6. Im 15 ik i look young but thats only bc of my face lol Im kinda tall

  7. That the addition of voices/voice lines to the cookies kinda ruins what made them so charming in the first place.

  8. idk why, but i think you dont have good parents, and yeah lotta of times i think the same

  9. Nah my parents are cool. My childhood was pretty awesome and I just wish to give that to another kid.

  10. Wash it out with cold water, maybe put body cream on it when you're done? Idk bro i've never been in a situation like this

  11. Don't forget messaging survivors and asking them to explain it in explicit details

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