1. +1.. I faced similar issue with my 3 sum passed few months back but now on executing it I get TLE.Not only this but for other questions also.

  2. Not to objectify but after watching S2 .Maheep comes across as a Gold Digger

  3. Educative is not worth it.This is my opinion.I had bought it few months back..

  4. Hey, is there any better site/resource for interview prep? I'm also looking into educative since I prefer text over videos, but I've read many mixed reviews on reddit.

  5. I have started DP and went through Take U Forward DP series on YouTube..I search for videos on YouTube and sometimes go through medium articles..In short I don’t have a particular preference I just google and go through different articles till I hit the correct one that I understand

  6. Even my code is failing here..Getting 100 as output from my code but expected is 51

  7. Did you make any progress on this? I even totally rewrote the code to something more efficient and still getting 100.

  8. Nah..I either get TLE if I try to change my solution or the test fails on this particular test case..

  9. I think you have a bad habit of buying at tops.

  10. You just have to push yourself and remind yourself why you had started…But that doesn’t means that you practice everyday take care of your physical and mental health and take days off..

  11. Ropeway rides..I am so happy that the ticket for ropeway rides will cost me less..I swear most of my salary is spent on ropeway rides ticket..Thank god it is cheaper now..I will be able to save 0.000001% more because of the tax decrease..Thank you FM

  12. This is in Pune, if I’m not wrong? I saw the same board at Baner when I was in Pune 3 months ago. Aditya really posts the wildest shit (including captions), lol.

  13. DP solution is O(n²) space also, looks like ~10⁸ is the memory limit. So yeah, I would give up on solving this question with DP given that better approaches exist. A good practice is too check if time and space complexities are within limits, before starting the code

  14. Just a question..So I have seen in certain pattern that when Minimum or Maximum occurs you should Use DP.But since here when OP is suing DP he is getting MLE now..So how to differentiate when to use DP and when to not..

  15. I think there is issue in memoisation.Since there are 2 changing variables..It should be 2d array..But I am not sure..Let’s see what experts here have to say..

  16. I am in pune, but feeling is mutual, plus the central cooling gave me headache in couple of hours .. took a day to get rid of same

  17. Pune is also getting worse man..One of my friend has to travel from Viman Nagar to Balewadi High street..He leaves at 7:30 in the morning and arrives at office at takes him 1 hour to reach even though he leaves so early…

  18. “The era of united will be drawn to close this season as I will try my level best to get relegated.”-Hag

  19. You wanted to work on pYthon based game right and need help in developing it.Correct?

  20. So you had to create a GitHub repo for other people to contribute to your work or how else do you expect multiple people to contribute to your work?

  21. Interested but I would code in Python..Will that be fine?? And my name is Karan ..So it will be Karan -Arjun .😀

  22. Just to point out, I’m sure you are aware. Getting good at leetcode will definitely help you get better at passing the interview , but it may not be the best way to prepare/excel in your desired software engineer position. Keep up the good work !!!

  23. Yes I agree with you. I am also learning backend ,data engineering systems and have created few personal projects as well.

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