1. iHerb is great. Unfortunately you just missed their 25% off Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. But they regularly have great prices throughout the year that match, or are better than, Amazon prices.

  2. Thank you for the tip! Oh, too bad about missing the deals. Vitamins are expensive!

  3. I think I wasn't very clear -- how should I filter through therapists that I attempt to start with given my current struggle of connecting with them? No referral or website has been helpful because I still don't find I get anything with them so I don't know how to search for one that I will feel understood by. After the last 6 I'm pretty exausted from seeing "as many therapists as [I] want" and not getting anywhere each time. I mesh with none of them.

  4. For at least the first couple of sessions, it was imperative that I met the therapist in person. That connection must be established at the beginning and I think that's the most effective way to do it.

  5. The allowed amount will also depend on zip code and license type (PhD, MD, or Master’s).

  6. Regarding zip codes - is that based on the actual zip code? I heard it might have to do with only the first three digits (I don't have that documented though).

  7. Ah ha. That makes more sense now - the license type. Impossible to know in advance which license types have higher 'allowable amounts'!

  8. To ensure tests are covered, you’d need to call your insurance in advance with the codes (from the lab order). Plus ask if they are covered as preventative, or subject to cost sharing. Very little is preventative, plus may only be after certain ages and/or certain frequencies.

  9. Thanks for the tips. I think this means contacting my doctor first as well, to ask her for the lab order billing codes! Luckily at least the cost was not exorbitant.

  10. I'm guessing vitamin d which is rarely covered by insurance.

  11. Ohhh. To clarify - then in other words, even though it says in the benefit guide that it covers lab work (with xyz lab) there's the fine print that says "except for certain things" and it doesn't say what those certain things are. And then I'm billed.

  12. If a usual average bill rate from an INN doc is $100 and your OON doc charges you $250, your insurance will only ever consider the $100. The balance of the $150 is due entirely and exclusively from you. The insurance will credit the deductible and coinsurance based off of $100.

  13. Hi - correct - when shopping for plans though, for your example with the INN doc at $100, how can I get them on the phone to tell me what the usual average bill rate is? They won't tell me ahead of time that $100 is the usual average bill rate. Makes it hard to compare plans if the plans have different average bill rates. They're tricky like that!

  14. I would imagine the marketplace plans use a multiplier of the Medicare rate.

  15. Alas, I need to know what the multiplier of the Medicare rate is per health insurance plan so I can make an informed decision when deciding which company to use.

  16. Every plan is going to have its own networks and determine which professionals they will cover, so it’s impossible to say with the information you’ve provided.

  17. Thank you - I'm not looking for a provider though. I live in a large city and the majority of providers are out-of-network. I will be seeing one of those. Unfortunately the summary of benefits is vague in that regard. I will call and ask to discuss benefits though. One issue is that they won't discuss the allowable amount - but I'll see if they can at least tell me the types of professionals it covers. It didn't occur to me to reach out to HR. Thank you though, I appreciate your time.

  18. Exactly, it sounds like they are trying to game the system so that they are making you pay exactly what your insurance is covering. So you are paying more but you will also be adding more to your deductible. It only works out for you if you will end up meeting the deductible or out of pocket, in that case it would be a wash for you. They may be trying to get you to that Maximum sooner so that the insurance kicks in sooner, but you will be paying more to get there.

  19. The whole thing is confusing because what she charges is irrelevant to what your insurance company reimburses you for. Your insurance company will have a mysterious 'allowable amount' and base their payment on that. Whether it's $200 or $250 your insurance company will prob cut you the same check if the allowable amount is less than $200.

  20. I do live in Manhattan, for context on the price. The previous therapist I switched from was $250/hour and I used to live in San Francisco where a therapist I had in the past there was also $250/hour. I know that there is cheaper, but I don't know if $200/hour is really on the high side for my location.

  21. If they are telling you and the provider two different things the first thing I’d try is a three way conference call between all of you so you can all ask the same questions. Insurers do this all the time so they will understand the request.

  22. Ugh, my insurance company refuses to have three way calls. They like to make it harder for clients.

  23. 2c guess, what size video stream? Try cutting it back to a smaller resolution screen and see if that makes it more stable.

  24. (what is 2c?). Hmm - how do I test the video stream size? I'm also not sure how to cut it back to a small resolution screen.

  25. Your modem/router combo probably has an Ethernet port on the back

  26. Oh, I could check that! Hmm, wait, my laptops do no have ethernet ports though.

  27. Lulu’s Winegarten is great for this, they definitely have order by phone/QR. Aslin’s Beer Garden is great. Neither are loud (unless maybe a bunch of people are watching a game at Aslin’s).

  28. Cathedral heights strip has plenty of options

  29. It depends on what your goals are. In the past, therapy was helpful for me when I noticed a decrease in my PTSD symptoms (how frequently I was having panic attacks, etc.). Currently, I'm noticing therapy is helpful when I catch myself internalizing my therapist's supportive comments as my internal dialogue in place of my parents' criticisms.

  30. I feel the same way, I've seen three therapists now this month and I just don't feel like they can help me. The problem is I've never done therapy before so I don't know if this is just how it is. Maybe my expectations are too high, idk. But people tell me to keep looking, so I hope you can find somebody that's right for you!

  31. Thanks! Yes, I'm wondering if my expectations are too high. I'm going to ask each of them next time, how they intend to help me.

  32. I feel that once I do it once it’s easier to do again.

  33. Me too. At first it made me feel really awkward and embarrassed. T is very supportive of showing emotions. I felt far less awkward crying the next time.

  34. I’m kind of afraid of therapy, it’s so hard to find someone who is a good fit. My last therapist was very kind and nice but our sessions just didn’t feel helpful. She was nice but not a good fit somehow. I quit going because the drive out of town made me anxious and I felt like I never had anything to talk about, but I’ve got a lot on my mind lately. I think I want to try again, but living in a rural area it feels like there are very few options for a transgender client (I’m not seeking transitional care, I just want a therapist who knows about and is supportive of lgbt stuff)

  35. I assume you're in the US. Maybe to go Psychology Today (PT) and call a few of therapists in your state and tell them that you live in a rural area and are looking for a therapist willing to work with a client via Zoom (or telephone, etc.). The PT website is nice; in the profiles they usually will list LGBT as one of the specialties if that is one of their specialties. This will narrow it down for you. Don't call out of state though because therapists are only licensed in the state they serve in (at least my experience).

  36. Not yet. Every time I call my ISP they tell me they will 'virtually' reset my connection. Occasionally it works. Usually I have to manually turn the modem/router combo on and then off, in order for the wi-fi to work again.

  37. ...well, thanks to you, I now have my new winter boot. We don't get consistently down into the negatives Fahrenheit during the day, but I'm looking at a 6-8 week stretch of trying to maintain my sanity and my body composition while not working and I figure brisk winter walks will be good for me. My old boots are a pain in the ass because they don't have a zipper and the Kesey does.

  38. Yes!!! This is exactly how I feel about my therapist who is a few years younger than I am. The fact that he's my therapist and totally has his therapist shit together makes him seem like he's a more "official" adult...lol.

  39. Excellent points! The position and being the 'official' adult does make a difference. Thank you for putting that in perspective for me.

  40. It's amazing. My therapist is a couple years younger than me too, and they have been there for me through everything. At first I had a passing thought that they were young, but I immediately thought about how professional and hardworking I was too, even though I was young. (And trust me, people are very hesitant to have a young lawyer, especially a young, female lawyer--even though I often knew more than more seasoned folks, worked harder, cared a lot, and got very good results for my clients). I just thought about what I wished everyone knew about me when they asked if they could see someone older.

  41. To get real here, my booty eats underwear. The way it’s shaped, every style rides up my cheeks and gives me a wedgie. Once I switched to thongs I never looked back. Stick to the thinner ones as opposed to the thicker strap, those can get uncomfortable. I also prefer the lace waist to prevent digging into my hips. If I wear a dress I’ll just throw on bike shorts underneath.

  42. Oh wow. Any brands you recommend? I guess thongs might be the way I have to go then...

  43. I like aerie! Especially when they have a sale going, you can get a lot for a good price. And they have held up really well for me

  44. I would say 1 to 3 would be enough. You’d have a feel for how the therapist is listening to you, “treating” you etc. Listen to your gut but at the end of the day your the one who’s getting treated so it might take less than 2 or more than 2. It took me 3 sessions to find out the the therapist didn’t help me in any way or I didn’t feel better whatsoever, and 3 more sessions to stop therapy. So 6 in total. It differs from person to person. Good luck I hope you find a good therapist!

  45. Thank you for your kind words! I've seen one three times and the other two and still can't make up my mind. I did narrow down from three though. Will visit them both a little longer.

  46. It is good to speak with more than one T.

  47. I've met with three thus far and am now deciding between two of them.

  48. How do I know which therapist to go with? I am seeing two therapists now, so I can decide which to go with. How many times should I meet with each before deciding? How do I decide? (I narrowed it down to two finally!)

  49. I have a terrible time finding jeans that fit. Has anyone purchased from an online custom sized jeans company? I live in the US on the east coast.

  50. Jeans are a nightmare. I think I tried on 100* this summer. Haven’t tried custom but have had good luck at madewell and friends have recently talked up Abercrombie. Good luck

  51. Big fan of nature so I have a few acorns. They are easy to roll around in your hand and take oils well. I also keep a physical copy of The Hobbit. I have my kindle too but something with that smell, feel and more slice of life.

  52. I have had 7 therapists - the first six, I never quite clicked with but gave them lots of chances.

  53. How many did you meet with at once while searching for the one you would click with?

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