1. If someone is attacking me with a bat, regardless of what I’m doing, if I have a gun I’m going to shoot them.

  2. Call them out one at a time starting with chucks unborn child.

  3. I think chandler will probably be a good coach. I like how he focused on the fighters and not him vs Connor. However, I could see another Connor vs Eddie scenario when the fight actually happens. Chandler gonna want to bang, Connor being super technical.

  4. Switch to cast iron and never look back. You can still be using you cast iron in 50 years.

  5. Kathryn Hahn is rarely not funny. Maybe never.

  6. Not sure how big your logs are, but a good sized excavator WITH A THUMB works really well. I cleared 2ac of pretty dense 50yr old Douglas fir. I used a 20k lb excavator. I had 40’ logs with around 16”+- at the butt. I wish I would’ve used a larger machine.

  7. When I got hired onto the fire department, I was just working construction and fucking off. My buddy told me his department was hiring the next week and to take the tests asap. So I took the test on two days notice and barely passed with an 80.5%, which is 1/2% from failing. The next day they pulled my score and asked for an interview four days later. I did the interview, got asked to come back for a second interview three days later, nailed that one, and got a job offer the following day. So over the course of 2 weeks my life changed dramatically. Prior to that I was figuring I’d just work construction forever. I knew FF’ing was cool and a great job, but I was mid 30’s and figured I was too old. Then suddenly I was a fire fighter. It wasn’t exactly easy, but I felt like I sort of stumbled into the greatest job on the planet.

  8. I think there’s pockets of cult behavior. But not every trump supporter is a member obviously. I think there’s a lot of people out there that just think is really fun to participate in the MAGA, FJB, let’s go Brandon type stuff. They’re simpletons who get enjoyment out of THINKING that their trump and FJB flags make “the snowflakes” enraged.

  9. I’d like to say something expensive and exotic, but I don’t dream about those types of cars. They’re awesome, but I just don’t.

  10. "direct cash payments, tax-exempt status, free college education, grants for homeownership, business grants, access to low to no business funding and capital."

  11. Couldn’t agree more. His slow motion knock out of ROZENSTRUIK was very Rhonda Rousey boxing but with crazy power. I think Tyson Fury would make him look terrible. Like really bad. I say this as one of his fans. I think Francis was a good character and I enjoyed him handing out CTE.

  12. So that means Juliana Peña must have a HW fight too?

  13. Separate nervous systems, but one set of intestines. So do they both feel the need to poop? Or just one?

  14. Nah. Him scraping with that little putty knife was aggravating.

  15. Retaining wall to make it flat and usable.

  16. This gives me flashbacks. I renovated my last house from 1910. I found a window inside the wall with the glass still in place. They just sided right over it.

  17. Reaction videos are people just riding the views of other peoples content.

  18. I saw a reaction video reacting to a famous person reacting to some music. Sadly it wasn’t satire.

  19. I love Craig’s ground game, but I think Walker pieces him up and stops the TD’s.

  20. The siding guy should know how waterproof everything. I say “should” because they aren’t all equal. I’ve seen a lot of siders rely entirely on caulk and totally screw the homeowner.

  21. Are they doing a flash and bat? Is there bat insulation going in over the top of The foam?

  22. Izzy kept getting caught fighting on the inside and against the fence. I think he could win it if he used more footwork and circled away from the fence. Alex is tall but seems to like fighting on the inside. He caught Alex bad in the early rounds. Very winnable fight I think.

  23. Yes I think it’s terrible. People keep saying “we’ve been there for 20 years! How long is long enough?” Long enough to not let a country full of people fall into the hands of the fucking Taliban.

  24. Mister Rogers by a landslide.

  25. Eh. I live in western Washington. Fucking everything is rotten.

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