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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. The 4-hour workweek was a very interesting read and teaches a ton about time management and effecticity. The magic of thinking big was also great for getting a good mindset.

  2. Part time trader, moving on to algo trading. Over a year active.

  3. I sometimes downright feel sorry for Jerry. Especially in the first half of Childrick of Mort

  4. Don't have the charts at the moment, but I believe the standard setting did well across every crypto asset. I then finetuned the settings to get the best possible results. Pretty sure this caused the overfitting. I'll cross validate the data.

  5. I coded it in Pinescript and used its backtesting function.

  6. Looks a bit like Bankman-Fried, are you going for a thief build?

  7. This is the concept that can be initially hard to grasp with pine. Your whole code is ran fully on every candle. Like the other commenter said, you have to define variables with "var" keyword to make them persist across candles and set the value(using := instead of =) only when the condition is true, in this case the entry signal.

  8. Ah got it! I saw someone else code some variables with na like you mentioned and I didn't know why he did it. Same story with using custom variables over just coding on the if conditions. Felt kind of unnecessary, but now I understand why he did it. Thanks!

  9. Vaalsenaar hier, 18 gemeentes verwijderd van Urk is denk ik wel het beste argument om hier te wonen.

  10. Bybit is great. Definetly have good experiences with them. Fees on perpetuals are 0.01% maker.

  11. Honestly, the money saved by having to hire less people to manage check-out lines ends up making up for the occasional item that doesn't get scanned. The majority of people aren't thieves, and will be honest when scanning their groceries. These stores see how much money they made before and after self-check out, and have found that they are saving money by having them, even factoring in inventory checks to see how much is getting stolen or lost.

  12. Some stores also do random sample checks. They only check 3 items or so, but it still probably discourages some thieves.

  13. Walking. Apart from getting hit by traffic, even a wrong landing when you fall can instantly kill you.

  14. Farmers have the highest rate of on the job injuries and deaths.

  15. Piles of compost or other waste can also suddenly catch fire. The bacteria that break everything down release heat and sometimes it gets so hot that it ignites.

  16. Good thing he didn't take the wrong exit. Good forbid he needs to take a scenic route.

  17. Imagine how horrible it would be if he was 20 seconds later than expected. Luckily he prevented this and only totalled his car in the process.

  18. imagine nearly dying in a horrible fucking car crash and some guy with a tripod in his hand runs up to you

  19. Imagine nearly dying in a horrible fucking car crash because you took the wrong exit and would rather impulsively throw you car to the left instead of taking the exit and then getting on the next highway ramp.

  20. Well in my experience, being friendzoned almost never leads to a friendship. It's just a nice way to reject someone, but everyone knows you'll probably drop all contacts. This will then cause a vacuum if you've been texting or dating for a long time, and that's what really sucks about being friendzoned.

  21. Love how this is definetly something a husband would have or do. I can already imagine him having people over to have them check out his cool huge basil.

  22. Could simply be that you expect way too much from yourself. You can do everything right, but still be tired if you're never able to (or are willing) to take a break. Leisure is vital, passive and active. This means working out in your free time, but also just sitting on the couch for an evening and watching a movie or something similar. When is the last time you thought to yourself 'wow, I have nothing to do'? If you can't remember, take some more 'passive leisure time'. It works wonders.

  23. I just say that I don't have any cash or I'm in a hurry. My last resort is just talking in Dutch, pretenting to not speak English. Never had to do that though.

  24. Extremely dangerous to our democracy

  25. Reminds me of that one female senator who constantly said 'Radical liberal Raphael Warnock'

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