1. This sure sounds like a good time to mention boneshatter juggernaut. Clears all content with small investment, and really feels like playing melee. Might be hard to clear sanctums though because well, its melee.

  2. any time somebody ask for melee, only valid response is bonezone jugg

  3. Agree with everything, but herald of ash does work with ele focus. The burn from it is not an ailment. not really worth the mana multiplier tho.

  4. yeah, thats why i was asking, never seen this combo used so it was interesting, but better to be sure.

  5. Burning is not an ailment by itself, ignite (wich inflict burning damage) is the fire ailment. That's why every build with RF, Burning Wall or Scorching Ray use Ele Focus in link.

  6. thats interesting because the description on HoA says the damage can only be affected by modifiers to damage over time. RF or flame wall does not have this specified in description so I think because of that ele focus actualy does increase damage of those skill but not the overkill of HoA

  7. honestly i got this just by looking for delve boss (never found him and had to call taxi). running long distance nodes and checking along the way worked best, almost guaranteed wall in my experience

  8. Huh, went to look and somehow I missed that video posted here recently. That looks very fun. Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. yeah, its basicaly what Mathil done with tendrils recently but with better range

  10. You have a PoB for his version? Its a fun setup to play with.

  11. here is list of all his builds, it should be somewhere there

  12. as life build and respec when you have gear

  13. no way, play on Frankfurt and suffer like the rest of us Kappa

  14. love CwC but cant handle the visual side of the "jumpy" playstyle

  15. maybe boneshatter? Armour stacking can push things like dual strike etc to bilion level of DPS but its trully minmax kinda build.

  16. I feel confident the bleed will not get any nerfs

  17. at league start I usually take essence nodes for crafting gear and Expedition for Tujen currency and Rog gear. Later pick up eater altars and Legion

  18. true, there is even one incinerate build on ninja

  19. it is, but CoC is more popular (at least at start of league)

  20. I think less than 1 divine at this point. Only "valuabe" item I bought was 80c amulet

  21. thats the problem, full on trading, flipping etc does not count for me as playing the game. So in my case 4 divs an hour in raw drops is not all that ez

  22. Yes. Spell poison is in a pretty rough spot without super heavy investment. Pneumatic dagger is probably the only poison build that has a smooth transition from early mapping to late game mapping and scales decently well on a budget.

  23. ok, you trolling, good to know. Just go look on ninja on spark and tell me how many in top 50 are not poison. Or how about poison SRS? Or seismic trap. FFS tune into random stream and you are most likely gonna see poison impending doom. Poison in general is probably in best spot it ever been, especialy spell poison.

  24. its kinda cool with tier 2 helmet, still some level of glow and helmet looks better

  25. Can someone explain this? I just specced into laby to farm goddess, are there better ways?

  26. shaping the skies give you chance to get improved lab trial mod on map device. But its quite rare too.

  27. honestly giving tips based on stats is dogshit, unless you see big enough sample of actual gameplay there is nothing we can actualy suggest to help you better than : play more lights, you do terribly in them and need more practice. you are very inconsisten in your mediums, try to remember what you do in those you have good stats and apply it to others. Stop playing arta.

  28. I have bad news, i dont really see many ways to significantly rise your survivability without completly changing the build. these is so much uniques in the build you cant fit in suppression etc.

  29. might be, but never played discharge myself and to be honest havent heard of anyone playing it nowdays either. Only know it was pretty big several years ago :-)

  30. using basic take from mathil but just making it even more glass cannon

  31. most common will probably be blade vortex or forbidden rite

  32. I feel like hes not wrong, but hes the one rigging the game LUL

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