1. I love when a woman's feet have been in shoes all day, socks or otherwise. The smell, taste, feel, etc are just incredible. That being said when a woman's feet get dirty it's visually a real feast especially when she has high arches.

  2. Would love to see your soles but I like what I'm seeing so far!

  3. I had a coworker I used to grab lunch with all the time. One day we stopped by her friend's house since she had to let her dogs out and while the dogs were in the backyard we were both on the couch and she slipped her bare feet out of her pumps and put them in my lap. She said she noticed I look at her feet all the time and asked if I wanted a closer look. I decided to be direct and told her I definitely had a thing for her feet and she responded by pushing her toes from her left foot into my mouth and just said "suck my toes." Needless to say we both had a lot of fun after that for the next year that I worked in that office.

  4. No complaints here. Your soles are incredible.

  5. They're not practical, make playing with feet less fun, and generally seem like a pain in the ass to maintain and take care of. Same goes with long nails on fingers too.

  6. Men or women - I tend to like bigger feet in general. But imo shape trumps everything else. Feet that are so big that they're disproportionate are a pretty big turn-off for me.

  7. I think you can be straight and still enjoy male feet.

  8. Ashley Lotts has some of the sexiest soles on earth

  9. I'm usually more of a sole guy but your toes are incredible

  10. Shilpa Shetty has INCREDIBLE toes and soles. If you like big, slender feet stop what you're doing and google her

  11. I just worshipped my fiancée's dirty toes. We were getting hot and heavy and then she ordered me to touch myself while I clean the floor dirt/dust off of her toes with my mouth. It was so hot getting bossed around by her and being made to clean her dirty, smelly toes.

  12. My fiancée did it once spontaneously while we were fucking in missionary and it took all the mental strength I had to not finish immediately. It was crazy hot.

  13. Why would anyone create a bot as useless as you

  14. As some who has an S/O who rarely wears socks be careful what you wish for. Without socks and/or regular moisturizing her feet get easily cracked and dry. Compare that to me who never puts any lotion on my feet but wears socks everyday and my feet are always smooth.

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