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  1. Dipping in general is something I have an issue with.

  2. This is the crux of the issue imo. It isn’t that these classes or the spell are overpowered, it’s that multiclassing is very poorly implemented. 5e smartly made it so you get 60-80% of your class’s identity in the first couple of levels, which is great for getting into the game and having things immediately enjoyable. However, with the low requirements on multiclassing, the cost just isn’t really there. It’s a little too easy, too powerful, too soon.

  3. Hey, just wanted to pop in and say thanks! This is a great deck and I’m having some quick success already! The most frustrating part is all these comments which apparently didn’t read your guide…

  4. I 100% agree. However Jeremy Crawford is on record saying that is not the case. I mean it doesn't change a single thing in my game, just proves that even the experts can be wrong. But that's why people are still talking about this.

  5. I think the problem is JC is between a rock and a hard place due to this terrible invisibility design. Conditions are a pretty binary thing and tend to affect the character. There’s no “maybe you are incapacitated or maybe you aren’t” - if you are incapacitated, you can’t take actions, full stop.

  6. Unseen Attacker rules make it clear and use the Invisibility spell as a specific example. JC is just flat wrong.

  7. I think that would apply if the invisibility condition specifically stated you gained these benefits against a creature which couldn’t see you. That would be a bit redundant since invisibility could have just been written “you are unseen to creatures which cannot perceive you with a special sense such as tremorsense or can see invisibility”, and then there would be no reason to say you have advantage on attacks and attacks have disadvantage against you. Since it doesn’t, RAW, you retain these benefits even when seen because you are still “invisible”. It doesn’t matter that a creature with see invisibility can see you because you keep the condition and its benefits.

  8. Yeah, I agree with you. However, RAW see invisibility doesn’t remove the invisible condition from invisible creatures, and the invisible condition doesn’t say anything about whether a creature can see you or not. Therefore, with see invisibility you can see an invisible creature and it also still retains all of the benefits of being invisible.

  9. See invisible would remove the invisibility condition with regards to the one who can see invisibility. Everyone else would not be able to see the invisible creature and it would be invisible to everyone else.

  10. It could and that’s a reasonable ruling but it does not. Nowhere in see invisibility does it mention ignoring the benefits of a creature with the invisible condition. Nowhere in the invisibility condition does it mention it’s perks being contingent on the invisible creature being seen or not.

  11. This right here is exactly why killmonger won’t leave my deck. Sure, he’s handy for advancing Deadpool from another lane but the moment I see more than one or two 1 cost cards getting played, he is sitting in my hand until turn 6.

  12. Amazing design, breath of fresh air from the constant memes on here lately.

  13. For me its the most boring deck because there was a location that lasted 24 hours and I seen that deck way too much.

  14. I really like my move deck, it is probably my favorite, but it (and my destroy deck) feels like I can get very hosed with some bad luck early on or if my opponent makes a strong play. Shang-Chi has broken my heart many times with dino, anyway :(

  15. I would swap out Yondu, he’s not helping. Nightcrawler has actual utility, or Agent 13 has synergy with Dino.

  16. Appreciate it! I kind of like Yondu as the discard is often fairly strong as I keep running into decks with stronger synergy (had a 2nd turn retreat just a few minutes ago from discarding zola). I may give nightcrawler another shot, though.

  17. Congrats, that's awesome! I'm hoping to get there eventually but have been pretty stuck in the low 40s. Trying to get better about retreating but it feels like whenever I do have a good game which I can snap, my opponent is playing pool 3 cards and I am still in pool 2.

  18. I expect to (because the bar is pretty low) but don't need to. Sometimes, I'm just tired or not getting there after a while. As long as my partner is satisfied, though, all good. I don't know if I can say if that is normal or not - I hope so?

  19. This is my favorite build in the game and is wildly powerful. Though I don't know if I would try a solo flawless run with it. I'm actually wondering how strong void Titan will be for that sort of thing once void overshield DR is fixed.

  20. I'm a little confused with the matchmaking. This is my third week playing and I'm at CL 360, at rank 40, and I'm now seeing pool 3 cards. My last match was a destroy deck with death on the last turn, which was very fun. Just a day or two ago I started suddenly getting matched with people with optimized decks and kitted out with old seasonal cosmetics. It's not like my win rate is particularly amazing, either, I don't understand why I'm getting these matches.

  21. They need to do a ton more damage to bosses to ever see viability.

  22. Agreed. I think a reserves, and possibly magazine, buff across sniper would be a good thing. I don't know if they need to really compete with heavy dps but their ammo economy should be better so it doesn't feel like a waste plink plonking a champion. Otherwise, what's the point? I could just bring a blinding GL and use abilities/heavy.

  23. Honest to god thought I was in DCJ when I saw the Peaky Blinders image.

  24. When his wife left him to go love her ideal life with Grut, of the farm down by the riverbend, Mulch stayed catatonic for a few days. With his son in the army and his daughter married to the old Borrt's second son on the other side of the woods, the house was empty and silent, save for the chickens' calling for grain outside. He realised that, as a farmer with thirty-something winters under hisbrope belt, life would only be downhill from there. He sold his chickens at the tuesday market for a few coins, shoved a couple dried sausage and a loaf of bread in a burlap sack, picked up the sharpest tool he could find in his house, and left his farm behind to go to the nearest town, where he would start a life of quests and mighty adventures, like the heroes with shiny armour and whinsical magic in the stories of his childhood.

  25. Personal preference but characters like this are always better than exotic race+magical class+crazy background.

  26. I'm 97% sure this is satire. (Please be satire... 🥲)

  27. I'm a guy, so definitely not an expert on male dating profiles, but this certainly looks like satire. It is a sorry state of things, however, when people look at this and think "yeah, some creeper would set this as his profile".

  28. I'm going to strongly, strongly endorse Xeno. It has very strong ammo economy, ease of use, and is solid albeit not amazing dps. You can easily use it to fend off invaders, invade yourself, or dps the primeval. Extremely versatile and easy to succeed with, I don't go into gambit without it.

  29. There is none. Just some community speculation that it may be coming because HOIL is top tier for literally every Titan subclass.

  30. Honestly, I hate how strong HoIL is and hope the spotlight gets shifted away asap whether it's through nerfs or it just stops being the fotm for the past 8 months.

  31. 100% agree (and apologies for the rant). I would like to see both (at the same time) HOIL nerfed a little and other exotics buffed to be competitive.

  32. Scattering to the corners both takes you away from mote banking/primeval killing, and puts you in 1v1 situations with PvP players armed with wall hacks, heavy ammo, and an overshield.

  33. Except four corners aren't necesary due to invader spawns, and this should be a 4v1 where everyone is coming in hot with heavy weapons designed for quick kills. If not, your team is being outplayed and/or is bringing bad loadouts.

  34. Necessary evil or you'd have teams going so hard on DPS on the first pass that the game would be over within 30 seconds of summon.

  35. Yeah, I get why people don't like it but without the immunity phases, teams were just insta-wiping the primeval constantly. It was a race to the boss fight which ended less than a minute after. Worst gambit ever imo.

  36. No rumored community event? Bravo six going dark

  37. Do we know the weapon this week?

  38. Bout 50% of folks want it left with early sun, bout 50% want later sun. Per NPR 100% just want the government to get off their ass, spend five minutes passing a bill and just fucking pick one or the other so we don't have this time travel bullshit anymore twice a year

  39. I really hope this happens and that we ditch DST forever. The idea of permanently being on "America Time" where we are shifted an hour ahead from our neighbors is the dumbest thing possible. When most people just watch streaming or screw around on their phones in the evening, it isn't like much is lost with the darker evenings in the winter.

  40. Yup, definitely agree. DST can die in a fire. So glad to be back on normal time. I do not at all like waking up before the sun but need to because of work.

  41. I will punch the cursed thrall in gms if I want to. You cannot stop me

  42. Legit, I never punch an exploder on accident. It is deliberate, calculated, every time. Because I can and maybe, maybe this time I've got enough power advantage and damage resist to survive...

  43. This feels so real. I am pretty below average in PvP but I perform quite well in scorched. I'm going to credit the many hours spent in Unreal Tournament. I wish it was around all the time.

  44. Don’t quote me on this but I believe I read somewhere that their gonna be doing something with combat style mods with light fall.

  45. This is correct. For some reason I was thinking it was coming with S19 but Lightfall makes more sense. It would be great to get a new suite of combat style mods (or even a new combat style) with more specific synergy with light 3.0, stasis, and strand.

  46. God I hope this is true. Just for the gameplay implications alone. PvP is fun but it would be pretty cool to go full Iron Lord and have to take down some juiced up Guardians wielding light and darkness powers in final shape. Give me a faction of them who joins the witness or something.

  47. God damn, I would love Michael Shannon as like middle aged, pissed off but extremely experienced and competent Batman.

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