1. For me it’s Fleury. So fun to watch and awesome guy.

  2. I’m loving this game! It’s amazing!

  3. I think many more countries should boycott also

  4. Hopefully places get more in to sell :/

  5. Blanks only, but this is a trusted seller on the hockey jerseys sub.

  6. Dang awesome! Any idea of places that could customize it?

  7. I think I have a pic of the pens at untied center

  8. If I was good at editing I would edit in a laugh track whenever these fools are yapping hahaha

  9. What the heck I was pumped to read the title but no Xbox?

  10. Yeah I wish he would do a video on the new version of his kit.

  11. Give us joe staten fully written dlc please.

  12. Is there anywhere to watch the old indoor kids stuff? I loved that series.

  13. I let out an audible sigh and said no when I read this. Horrible to see this. :/

  14. So much shrapnel hit them their clothes got an instant dry cleaning.....

  15. This Velma show seems like a real train wreck haha

  16. I would invest in the best knee pads on the market too, will make a huge difference for your knees. Worth every penny in my opinion

  17. I have a pair of bauers with the hard plastic knee from probably 2012. I think they were pretty near top of the line back then.

  18. Man I hope all their wives divorce them and make out like bandits. And these shitstains get jobs they hate going to the rest of their lives. Haha

  19. We’re all in the same boat here. It’s lame but it is what the game is. :(

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