🚨 ECON DECISION ON SETTLEMENT DISCIPLINE ON MONDAY 6TH FEBRUARY - TIME TO ACT IS NOW 🚨 Feeling lazy but still want to make a difference? I got you covered! Letter template and email addresses inside. Let's tell EU regulators to protect our financial markets and enforce the rules.

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5 pages of a deeply sensitive document that is both embarrassing & a legal threat to people in positions of power vanished from PACER in FTX criminal case against SBF. The doc describes a "Foreign Special Purpose Vehicle" with no public connection to FTX/Alameda to move Robindahood shares + moar 🔥

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  1. GameStops bunny skins will be a test show for how skins can be bought as NFT and used in different games. Bet they bring out more after they asked us what sort of games we wanted.

  2. I had some GME with them in the UK last year. Had to fight tooth and nail to get them to process a DRS and it took them ages compared to IKBR.

  3. So they have more shares to loan, cool.

  4. Exactly, i think they are all increasing their positions because they HAVE to in order to try and create a buffer of 'liquidity' as we start to dry them up.

  5. Msm found a new pump and dump mechanism.

  6. Watched it. Mentioning Jane st but not Citadel.

  7. Bet most of it will be from that Kevin O’Leary.

  8. It took a while for my EU mind to comprehend the scale in the picture. I thought you bought 3 jigsaw puzzles at first.

  9. DISH also owns a patent for a "blockchain based anti-piracy system". Not sure what's banned here, but Google will show you the article.

  10. Spot on. Not sure why OP thinks GME wouldn’t do a deal with dish if it suited them and the blockbuster IP was part of it. I mean…that’s the appeal, it’s a known IP…🙄

  11. Whatever phones they don't want DOJ to look at will get accidentally erased, and run through the wood chipper.

  12. Or like in the recent UK wagatha cristie trial…the phone will be ‘knocked’ over board on a sea trip….

  13. This story just gets crazier and crazier.

  14. Wow. So it looks like a lot are stepping to against them to release the info and overrule the judge!

  15. "Ken Griffin searched his employees phones, to include his own, and found evidence of illegal naked short selling discussed on whatsapp which he quickly reported to authorities. He is now closing his short position in Gamestop igniting MOASS."

  16. Guess we can dummies the fbi and DOJ raids are scheduled for next week and the SEC just want to ‘advise’ their members.

  17. They missed the second part of the request from SEC “….and please promptly delete all evidence of app like WhatsApp before we’re asked to investigate….thank you”

  18. The actual Gov document isn't too long and is in pretty much layperson language.

  19. Ah...is it that time of the month? Cramps, bloated, feeling moody....no it's not that...it's options posts time!!!

  20. I have a couple trains of thought on the situation.

  21. They don't mind the revolving door, they just want to know where their chums end up so they can reach out to them easier.

  22. OP must have missed the posts with the red squares celebrating dips on the daily.

  23. Nah. Maybe OP just trying to make his quota for creating anger over the weekend.

  24. Just a genuine question. You had a lot already, was this a fresh buy or some transfer of another pot or something cos it’s a bunch.

  25. This is good right? They want to continue the requirement of data reporting?

  26. Correct. Is also an opportunity to voice this as such from a retail investor's perspective if you have time.It would also be great if this part happened on a less delayed basis?

  27. Yeah I’ll likely add my approval comment once I’ve read it over. I need a comment day where I just read and comment…so much!!

  28. I thought you were fucking with me. Nope. Master powerlifter indeed.

  29. We know what she does all day now. Lift Ken's GME bags all around the office...

  30. RC owns a shit tonne of Apple stock I believe

  31. I like the idea of Pokémon go style GeoCaches out in the real world via augmented reality. Seems like a really cool concept.

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