1. Oh now I see why you were saying to cut it. The airflow is what you woukd expect with a cap on so without cutting it you loose the open airflow of just using the quartz

  2. What if a standard cap is cut and pressed upside down into the top of the domed glass cap?

  3. It’s The VonG Titanium Tip with the armoured Cap. Titanium heat faster and cool down faster than a Stainless Steel Tip, it taste better and weight less than Stainless steal too. (All those features are valid for the regular Cap and The AC)

  4. If you want to inhale some plastic microparticules, this is the right setup to do it….

  5. I suggest deleting this so someone doesn't copy. Copper is toxic when heated and inhaled.

  6. Do not check what an FMJ or the Vestratto is, for your own safety Sir.

  7. Oh nice! I’m getting mine this week, I’m very excited, how do you like it overall?

  8. It is almost all I have used since I got it a couple days ago. A lot of fun. Smoother, tastier hits than the Dani Fusion. Definitely more convection heat than conduction.

  9. Just make sure you clean your plate young man!

  10. How do u like the Joe king bullets? I have one of those myself

  11. It’s a nice and original cooling system. I’ve tried it in a lot of stem with several combinations and this configuration with 2 bullets and an intercooler. It’s nice to see them all spinning! And you?

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