1. I have to say it multiple times for you to understand it is anime canon not fillers. Do you see anywhere that says filler in anime canon? Go look up what canon means.

  2. Even Naruto fillers are canon to the fillers?

  3. Naruto fillers weren't stated as canon. Boruto is anime canon. It's called Anime canon for a reason. I see you still don't want to accept it's anime canon so I'll say it again until you do accept it.

  4. Naruto fillers are canon to the anime actually, we see otataka interaction in the war arc and many other fillers in Naruto anime being involved in animated manga chapters

  5. I'll say it again. Every episode of Boruto is anime canon

  6. No Boruto fans admit to watching a slice of life anime because they haven't ever seen an authentic, 100% well written slice of life anime.

  7. I have seen lots of slice of life anime though. I accept that Boruto has slice of life. You're just judging people now.

  8. So It'll continue being trash until they adapt canon stuff aight

  9. It's not trash. You all don't want to accept the more peaceful moments which is literally the whole point of Boruto's era. More peace. The peace Naruto worked hard for back in Shippuden. Did you forget that? Trash on Boruto and you're trashing on what Naruto wanted. You're going to disrespect Naruto like that?

  10. Again you all think it's trash because Boruto is different from Naruto was when that's the whole point. To be different from Naruto.

  11. What do you mean? All movies are released? There is no more new movie that is releasing.

  12. I think there was/is some kind of plan for live action movies Pain arc Itachi death Some thing for Shikamaru ..

  13. I think I know what you are talking about. Those are fan made projects not official. I think you're talking about ReAnime from youtube.

  14. Only watch Boruto if you're invested in Boruto's story and the next generation. Don't watch Boruto only for Naruto and the old generation because they don't appear that often unless they are relevant to the story. All episodes of Boruto are anime canon.

  15. And that’s supposed to be deep lol? Literally Sasuke is also always MIA maybe even more than Naruto, we don’t see that kinda behavior in Sarada. Also there’s a difference between dead parents and working parents.

  16. It's supposed to be deep because a parent is always working and their child wants them to spend time with them. That's why Boruto is a brat and wants Naruto's attention. Don't like the way his character is written? Too bad. Learn to deal with it.

  17. Naruto was actually kind of strategic early on. He pretended to be a giant kunai against Haku, and he used the clone jutsu’s summoning radius to get underneath Neji’s perception.

  18. He still wasn't fit to be a Chunin. He wasn't ready to lead people in a team.

  19. See, Naruto fans always say "go rewatch" assuming that their most recent vieweing was more recent than mine.

  20. Because not everyone is compatible to have Karma. The kids died because they weren't compatible. Why did you think Kawaki was the only one alive out of all of the other kids that died?

  21. Yes, that's my argument, if someone who is not compatible dies when a karma is placed upon them, then why don't Otsutsuki's just place a Karma on their opponents. If their not compatible they'll die, if they are and use the Karma to defeat said Otsutsuki, well they just have to wait a bit and take over their body

  22. Canon but it's not meant to be taken seriously obviously

  23. Well I like boruto to honest and does any one know when will the dub for boruto ep177 release

  24. Either this week or next week or so. You could just buy the Blu ray if you're impatient.

  25. It's not bad if you accept that Boruto is the main character now and that it's the next generation's turn to shine now. Don't expect the old characters to appear that often.

  26. So far i like it, I’ll see if i drop it or not, tbh i watch the whole thing for the old characters. Only one that i like from Boruto is Sarada

  27. The name of the show is called Boruto Naruto Next Generations for a reason. The old characters barely appears unless they are relevant to the story. It's the next generation's turn to shine.

  28. Are you serious? They don't know they are in a anime canon arc. They are people living their own lives in their world.

  29. You mean another filler, irrelevant arc that's well written, about which no one really cares about . Man this anime is going downhill

  30. I'll say it again as many times if I have to. It's all anime canon.

  31. You are the one dragging this on, Naruto said that he finally experienced what it means to be

  32. Fucking hate assholes that think they're right. You are not! Now fucking shut the hell up!!!

  33. I'm truly sorry for upsetting you, but what I'm saying is not a lie.

  34. Well I dont rly mind filler that much myself, if it only were good filler... :/

  35. The Himawari Kawaki arc is way better than the Funato arc though

  36. I mean kid who defeated part of person with God powers got caught by goons when he is adult. Totally makes sense👌

  37. Rewatch the episode. Konohamaru stated that he had everything under control. Lmao

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