1. I have experience around 3 year in gaming, but our all user from YouTube and Facebook marketing. If you want I can run ads on Facebook for you.

  2. making ads for gaming or video games is easy, but Gambling and Betting is kinda Risky because you don't want your account to be suspended

  3. i believe In Mental Health, But 99% of Moroccans has it because our Damn Government and System My advice is Live with Pain, You can Change lives and you won't notice, You have a Place in This World, it's just not your Time yet

  4. Yes, it is Possible Google, Meta , LinkedIn all Free Also you can Find Paid Courses for free in Some Website but it's for sake of Knowledge

  5. How to get that first 100 engagements? i've been posting good content with recommended time and still can't Pull Audience

  6. Most of them spent 110€ on day one and waited one year for this game to become halfway acceptable.

  7. i bought this game on since day one and i never Complained and cried about a thing, i knew it's terrible at first and said fuck it imma enjoy it and actually i did One advice I would like to give is Don't Follow the Crowd ... Do what you love and enjoy doing it, if you don't switch that energy to something else

  8. i Want All Chat Back!! And why not Proximity Voice chat

  9. i have a Ryzen 2600, I'll test Tonight and give you feedback

  10. Hi! im back again ... There's a performance boost and game is smooth, i didn't change any of my settings

  11. In Morocco Snack is more Profitable and popular Restaurants as well do great nowadays

  12. Been here and still since Day 1 💪

  13. Anyone saw improvement for Ryzen 5 2600 and 1660 TI ?

  14. The amount of Details in BFV is Insane... I hoped for greater details in 2042 ... BFV is Maximum Dice Creativity from all Aspects My only Wish ... Reskin BFV to Modern Setting and EA will be Rich as Fuck

  15. What makes MW Great is Voice Chat And Proximity Chat ... Last Words are fun and i always wanted that in BF game ...

  16. I play Both, But BF is just Special... even 2042 ... i enjoy it alot One think i miss ... More Vehicles ... 128 with Limited Vehicles is a Joke ...

  17. I use this as a Sniper more than a Ricket Launcher ...

  18. i main Angel and i want this Skin so Bad ...

  19. Ehm ... that's Normal... and that's how it's supposed to be Freedom is limited when others are involved or in Public

  20. When they add this ? never seen it Patch notes

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