1. there's no x in sister

  2. Husky Honey whispers with scented depends odors.

  3. Weather might suck, but at least we have some of the best schools in the.. wait. Well we were the first state to legalize gay marriage! We are clearly an LGBTQ friendly.. wait. Well everyone here is really nice! Iowa nice.. is well..

  4. "our penchant for alcoholism is unmatched, from our Governor, to our state schools, we are #1!"

  5. If the GOP could read, they'd be really mad about this.

  6. only 1.5? from a supposed 70 million+ people?

  7. was he a drag queen? /s

  8. don't say gay if it's your cell mate.

  9. shitty people depend on others being compassionate so they can keep on with their bullshit.

  10. Yes, Kim Reynolds is going to be forever linked to a near future felon.

  11. 1 in 3 Iowans are just fine getting fucked over by their own decisions and hate.

  12. it's going to be staffed by a bunch of youth pastors I hear...

  13. potbellied pedophile

  14. It's all youth pastors and politicians

  15. That's a pretty unmanly pose he's striking. Probably hiding a boner

  16. well if any cast was going to shit itself...this

  17. I am pretty jealous of MN passing that, I wish we could pass a similar bill here. Instead, we get dumb bills about bathrooms, trans care, and book bans. :(

  18. The GOP asshole that argued:

  19. You know, I've read my Gospels cover to cover, and I feel comfortable saying this: the Iowa leadership isn't Christian. At least, they don't follow any of the teachings of Jesus, which, to me, is a kinda important thing to qualify as a "Christian".

  20. They are a mouth full of Jesus and heart full of hate.

  21. Put them in a giant mason jar and feed them grass and sticks.

  22. they were all set to do this, but autocorrect turned it into "mansion with a bar" and here we are.

  23. I remember when Iowa used to take pride in the schools, they took pride in being independent in their voting and their beliefs.

  24. GOP lapdogs are in the "find out" phase of their hate vote.

  25. And I'll be laughing my ass off (or not giving a fuck, more likely) in some blue state...

  26. The problem is, infections like this spread (e.g. Nazis)

  27. Crazy how 160 years later the "South" is trying to rise again under the leadership of neo confederates like Marjorie Taylor Greene who are trying to infect American minds with the soft sell of a national divorce. People like her are just confederates covered in the American flag with the ultimate goal of carving a New Confederacy out of the United States of America.

  28. It's nice to see people putting lipstick on their most depreciable assets.

  29. It's not that they don't concern me--like I'm a dog person and I care a lot about puppies, but I'm not going to pretend like "puppy mill violations" is a better indicator of the state of our society than health outcomes, income inequality, etc. I also doubt Iowa's recent shift to Republican leadership is behind that puppy mill violation metric.

  30. Do you trust Fox news?

  31. It will just be angry parents not being able to live vicariously through high school sports anymore. The children will adopt capitalism and realize what a waste of time sports are.

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