1. This makes no sense? You’re afraid of good people with guns?

  2. TagV says:

    Untrained, overworked, stressed out, underpaid people, yeah that's kind of a pressure cooker of things that can go wrong.

  3. You OBVIOUSLY do not understand the engineering and science in auto racing ...

  4. I swear Nascar fans get so triggered by the endless mocking of their surprise at every left turn.

  5. The best part is that he mocked his father for being incontinent. Now 99% of the world is doing that to him.

  6. What have democrats done to prevent school violence? Absolutely not. They even voted down securing our school act. That act would have given billions for schools.funds for mental health , school security like bullet resistant glass and doors, and paid for trained resource officers. So if our federal government does not protect our children, we have to do something at the state level. Even more so I believe everyone has the right to defend ourselves, even school staff.

  7. Maybe you aren't tracking the GOP stance on mental health. They defund it and then blame it for everything that shows why their ideas and approaches are completely ignorant.

  8. Just a simple Google search of inpatients mental health institutions in iowa tells me this article is false.

  9. Pretty sure you are incapable of understanding the content then.

  10. Weird way for this guy to broadcast his virginity.

  11. My only thought is sorry

  12. Next campaign | Kim Reynolds - abortion survivor

  13. If police are required to wear body cams, I guess taxpayers need to fund bodycams for teachers now also.

  14. So is this just to protect embryos or what?

  15. This seems like the perfect flipper home for a couple where he makes memes, and she sells placenta pills for a job.

  16. You don't want it. Rainwater is full of 5g

  17. I love that old lawmakers think that this is going to prevent kids learning truths about the shittiness of the GOP/MAGA/racsim/women's rights.

  18. Here for the ham planet hot takes on why these should not get tax dollars

  19. Lol. I'm for/pro these trails.

  20. Everything about that whole look is wrong and aesthetically unpleasant.

  21. I'm going to name it diarrhea bricks

  22. I hate to say it, but this is probably the unsaid #4. Some people are natural problem solvers, and other people need to be told exactly what to do for the rest of their lives. And of course, the whole spectrum in between.

  23. There's a whole lot of spectrum in that space

  24. Well we won't be able to tell by him shitting himself, like normal dead people do. This will be a pre shitted corpse.

  25. I want to cancel my service. I didn't order thousands of foreign women and children getting bombed, and shot, and millions jailed for victimless crimes. 1/10 would not recommend. 

  26. I ordered a f22 raptor for my garage and didn't get that either.

  27. It's cool if it doesn't flood out

  28. That first lady has a staring into a butthole look.

  29. It really needs that stupid goat beard and gas station sunglasses to complete the look.

  30. The worst governor in the US makes another stupid play.

  31. Coming for that free private school money grift

  32. The GOP can't govern and we will feel it for the next decade at least

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