I've designed a fully 3D printable underwater drone that's finally reliable, fast & maneuverable! Posted here a while back but now I'm thinking of releasing an entire DIY course on how to make it yourself from absolute scratch. Are you interested?

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  1. You could smudge your camera lens with a greasy finger🤭

  2. I’ve had my battery out of my razer laptop for close to a year now. The only issue I’ve had is occasionally mid game the whole laptop will just shut off. I have bad wiring in my house, so I believe that may have something to do with it. I’m replacing my battery and fans soon.

  3. I wish they would add more kiosks, that was probably me last looking through every sing ship

  4. Probably the best trigger discipline I’ve seen all day!

  5. This is my favorite synth too! It’s so fun to make soundscapes

  6. Lmao you don’t get a run through on scavs

  7. Where did you get your parts kit from?

  8. Put something weird like a Taxidermy kangaroo

  9. Photographers take one hard nipple pic and think it’s a good pic these days 😪

  10. Surely there is some liquid we could pump the air through to grab these things before it's exposed, perhaps not...

  11. pumping the air through would be be super inefficient. Ad someone who lives in a major coal export region, it's frustrating how much coal ash can destroy the community.

  12. yeah that's cool and all but how did you make it out of that situation???

  13. ngl this girl sounds like the dumbest girl on tinder to date

  14. apply a small light to the background to add separation between your silhouette and the background.

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