1. Good surprise: The quality of the Adventure Paths. I bought Kingmaker a few days ago, and the first chunk of Ironfang Invasion. So much more interesting to me than anything WotC has put out since Yawning Portal.

  2. Congratulations, looks awesome! I like that red tunic on him, that's a cool choice!

  3. That single battleaxe and horned helmet gives it a Viking vibe I like, too. You did a great job!

  4. As far as orc/goblin activation, a captain/prince/king is what you're looking for. Their command (?) perk will let them activate nearby units.

  5. Steyr Scout, almost certainly in .308 Win but I could be wrong.

  6. If you're into the low fantasy setting, any of the adventures from Handiwork Games "Beowulf: Age of Heroes". "Horror at Herrogate" is my personal favorite.

  7. Beowulf is my favorite 5e supplement. My only complaint is it uses the same unusual Ye Olde English monetary system.

  8. Not sure what else they would have used... The Pound was one of the currencies used by the Anglo-Saxons and the name and symbol come from the Romans before them. The monetary system within the game, while a little simplified, is completely consistent with the historical currency most common in the region at the time. And since the game setting is not given a specific year it only makes sense to use it.

  9. Oh, I'm not arguing that it isn't period accurate. I prefer the simpler 10c=1s, 10s=1g system, the same as I prefer an ascending AC to descending AC or THAC0.

  10. I recently saw a 5e homebrew campaign for the Witcher with only one player, and it worked. I guess I would be not that hard to run if the player is a witcher, idk about other classes.

  11. May I ask what it was? A podcast or just a post? Always looking for more Witcher content.

  12. Unfortunately it's in Italian, it's a live play campaign on youtube, 4 episodes, 3 hours each. In case you know italian, this is the title of the 1st episode: [D&D 5e ITA] THE WITCHER w. Matt Aster - EP.1: U MASTER

  13. Ah, I do not speak Italian, unfortunately, but I really appreciate you getting back to me, thank you!

  14. Sci-fi, not fantasy, but I'm reading Hail Mary right now and Dr. Grace talking to Nanny-bot, "You kind of suck."

  15. I came here with the intention of posting two Hail Mary quotes, but I want you to have the joy of coming across them yourself. It's a great book.

  16. Manticore is perfect. It has the knife, the potions, the bombs and seems very practical for a witcher and fits the best the description of the books. With that being said, the wolf armor with a mod that closes the jacket has become my favorite since I moved to pc.

  17. The unbuckled jacket drives me crazy. The squishiest place on the torso, no ribcage to give even the slightest protection, and you're going to specifically leave that area open to attack? Bad call, Wolves.

  18. See, that looks badass. Vanilla Mastercraft Wolven Armor looks like Geralt just ate a big meal and needs to open his armor to let his gut hang out.

  19. There was recently a Netflix tie-in DLC, adding a new mission as well as the "Forgotten" set of Wolf School armor, basically the armor and swords Cavill-Geralt uses in S1 of the Netflix version. You can upgrade to the S2 armor, as well.

  20. The first thing you're going to need is either the Player's Handbook (PHB for short) or a copy of the Basic Rules. The basic rules are available for free online.

  21. I've listened to almost every episode, you guys are doing am excellent job, both at conveying the rules of AiME and illustrating the broad strokes of your home game. Keep up the good work!

  22. Dwarrowdeep is my choice, there's several levels, entry points and story hooks already baked it. There are 5e and non-5e versions of it floating around, make sure you double check you have the one you want before you finalize the order.

  23. Odyssey of the Dragonlords and any of the Handiwork Games Beowulf adventures.

  24. Not in my opinion! D&D is how I found Oathmark as well. I use them for minis, but have also used the Oathmark rules to settle a couple mass combats that have come up in game.

  25. Looks great! Kitbashed? That mailed torso is a great sculpt.

  26. I will look at it but I'm afraid to check something new that will empty my wallet!

  27. Look up The Hermit's Sanctuary. It's a free adventure Handiwork put out for Beowulf, it gives a basic guideline of what sets it apart, primarily the Follower and Inspiration mechanics. You can test the waters without having to commit financially.

  28. I like the low fansty and rpg with a storyworld. I got Beyond the Wall and Hero's Journey for that reason.

  29. Handiwork Games has Beowulf: Age of Heroes. It's specifically designed for one DM, one player play. It's the best thing I've come across for one player campaigns. Even if the low magic, Viking Age flavor Beowulf is based on doesn't do it for you, the Followers rules as well as the Inspiration mechanics are lifesavers when it comes to a one player campaign.

  30. Maybe a little late to the party, but if your players are dead set on 5e like mine are, check out a supplement called 5 Torches Deep. The math is all still 5e (d20+modifier), but it's stripped down to a much less forgiving experience than vanilla 5e.

  31. You know what? I've never thought about mixing Redwall and Shadowdeep, but that's a really cool idea!

  32. I’m sorry for being an idiot, but what is MCDM?

  33. Oh, not an idiot at all, I should've differentiated more.

  34. Awesome. I was a little lost. Thanks for clearing it up!

  35. Yawning Portal has my vote. I like the old adventures.

  36. Silly question, but when you say official, do you mean WotC only?

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