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  1. If you prefer the exchange system, you might like following the diabetic exchange instead. You can find exchange listings for 1200, 1500, 1800, and 2000 calories online. It's just like the old WW exchange system.

  2. I also hate to count! How do I find the exchange system online? I have an old weight watchers book from the early 1990s that explains the exchange program.

  3. I'll look, thank you so much!

  4. I get terrible anxiety driving, especially where I am not familiar. I am grateful that my husband for driving in the unfamiliar areas. It helps for me to always take the same side streets and not the freeway.

  5. Typically, testing will benefit some compensation like SSI for instance. However, it is a permanent mark on your medical record. SSI comes with some serious limitations. I am not sure what else is available with a diagnosis other than workplace modifications. However, for apsergers, there is no indicated treatment.

  6. 💯, survival of the fittest. Don't you have to have a severe handicap for SSI though? I work part time and I am so limited with what I can do.

  7. Exactly that about SSI. Not merely physically handicap but financially able to manage due to mental disorder. However, that financial aide has huge strings attached. People who used to be diagnosed as aspergers-afflicted from before the rewriting are considered self-sufficient and therefore do not require such help unless there are identifiable comorbidities. Today you might be on the spectrum at level one and still be denied assistance for having demonstrated self-sufficiency.

  8. Are you sure you're low IQ? This is well written and the word usage isn't simplistic. I don't get it. You speak of analytical skills as well. Maybe you are strong in an untapped area and weak in others. Perhaps autism spectrum? I don't know. Furthermore while IQ is definitely important, equally important is attractiveness. At least from my personal experience.

  9. I agree, very well written!

  10. Please stop all the diagnostic speculation in the comments. Someone can have ASD level 1 and a lower IQ or even an intellectual disability. In the past, psychologists said that someone with Asperger's would not have a below average IQ or any developmental delays. People that did have these issues were called high functioning autistic and typically diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Now, HFA and Asperger's are outdated terms. These conditions are diagnosed as level 1 autism with an accompanying intellectual disability and/or speech delay (HFA) or without one (Asperger's).

  11. My iq was 130 but that’s useless when you still virgin at 27 lol, never mind I think 80 it’s not bad . Just try to learn music that’s helps a lot

  12. That's not a bad thing😊

  13. I am 52 and never been able to handle stress well. I would say that I can barely handle 1/4 the stress of the neurotypical person.

  14. When they did my diagnosis we talked to a doctor. He wanted to do it as a 3 hour session (which was fine) but he said he wouldn't have the time to do that for 10 months. He suggested a list of doctors he knew and we called all 10 of them. All of them wanted to do a 3 hour session and said more or less the same thing that they didn't have availability for 10 months or more.

  15. Makes sense! I thought it would be a longer process but thank you 😊

  16. It’s more common for a public health care system to take 1-3 hours. Private systems will sometimes spend 5-20 hours on an assessment.

  17. Thank you. I remember, when I had my ADD Assessment, that I had to return to the office about 3x. I am surprised that a a diagnosis can be made so quickly!

  18. This is why I can’t watch Meet the Parents.

  19. Ridiculous movie, can't stand one minute of it!

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