1. Not like they can do anything about it. We have hands, they don't.

  2. That's not true. My neighbor has several horses, and they all have 12 to 14 hands.

  3. Damage to the conductor will either de-rate or completely void it's use. Considering it's still there, you should understand that whatever your service was originally rated, it may no longer be. The on-site electricians should know what this does to the rating of your neutral.

  4. Nicked insulation doesn't void its use, and there is no Code that regulates any form of derating a conductor based on damage. It's either good, or it isn't.

  5. The assumption you made is that it was only the insulation. If the conductor inside was also hit that's a different issue.

  6. Yes, but that's irrelevant. What you said is that the damaged would "either de-rate or completely void it's use", and that's completely false.

  7. Yes, and the other half is actively trying to invade the invaders.

  8. The same idiots that now have neurological damage from contracting covid several times over the last couple years and are reposting that picture on Facebook, with a link pointing directly back here. That's how I found it, otherwise I wouldn't have ever known this subreddit existed.

  9. Yeah 11500rpm is pretty fast, luckily I still have a belt and pulley from the washing machine, no idea what the ratio is but it's pretty big. As far as the impeller goes, I still need to look into the options. The only pump I have at home is from the cooling system of a car, so it's no where near strong enough

  10. If you can get the pump RPM down to about 1,000 RPM, that motor will probably be able to run it, as long as you don't have a lot of head pressure (water height above the pump).

  11. I'm sure the ratio is at least 1:10 so 1000rpm is doable. It's a washing machine after all.

  12. Awesome! Good luck with it. I'm not sure how much access to parts you have, but you probably don't need a high volume pump. You should be able to fill the roof-top tank with something like a domestic water pump made for an RV. You can often find them in junkyards like Pick-n-Pull, if you're in the US.

  13. Then you aren't qualified to give advice in this sub.

  14. Among other things, incandescent lamps can't be put inside acrylic jeweled bodies, and those jeweled bodies have light conduits inside them to spread the LED light.

  15. If you wanted to save money you should have went with craftsman. They make an basically identical setup

  16. If they were the same, Craftsman TradeStack would have adapter plates to connect to Milwaukee PackOut. They do not, but you know what Craftsman does make? Adapter plates to connect Dewalt TStak boxes to Craftsman boxes.

  17. shit what are they gonna do? come recover the plastic toolbox????

  18. I've known a company that recorded serial numbers of tools "given" to employees and later demanded them back when the employee was fired, laid off, or quit. In one particular instance they sent the police to my...err...the employee's house after reporting the tools stolen, but my friend was smart enough to text the boss and thank him for buying him the tools, and a couple weeks later thanking him again and mentioning that they're coming in handy around my house on the weekends, too.

  19. I've worked closely with 2 people that were electricians in the Air Force, and their training crossed over pretty well. There were a lot of things they did and learned in the military that don't have any application in the civilian world, from organization to wiring devices to voltage standards, but the basics are the same, so you should be way ahead of the game when stacked up next to other "new" workers at a civilian site or in a union hall. In California, your hours can be used toward your State Certification, but I know nothing about Arkansas (nothing polite, at

  20. I mean, yeah, but this is something a company should buy.

  21. I guess it’s sort of a right of passage using that shit. I personally wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  22. You ever make a funnel out of a 2-liter bottle and put it into an underground feed? Feed the wire through it, while one person scoops wire soap into the funnel. I thought I had come up with a brilliant idea until an old-timer told me they used to do it all the time, but with 5-gallon water jugs for larger cable.

  23. Nope, I only use the Klein foam lube now, even in 4”.

  24. This right here. Holy shit, that stuff is a game changer. Easy to inject, easy to add more without making a damn funnel out of an old 2-liter bottle, doesn't get all over your hands an clothes, doesn't dry out during the pull.

  25. Having not looked up that NEMA article, and having never actually had to deal with those specific couplings wouldn’t the correct move be to RFI and clarify if they mean sweep 90s with bell-ends factory molded on each side of the sweep vs a sweep and also a Swedge coupling on each side of it?

  26. ALWAYS RFI if the answer isn't perfectly clear, especally when dealing with a PoCo that might hold up your site until you get a concrete sawcutter out to dig out your fittings so you can replace them before a transformer gets set on the pad.

  27. I have no idea if the neutral is floating. I do get 3 volts neutral to ground if that helps answer any questions

  28. You will when your insurance has to pay for someone that got hurt due to shock from reaching into an underwater valve box that was charged.

  29. That's not how insurance works. You're not responsible for someone modifying the circuit after your job gets signed off.

  30. Found the section in NEC (725.55) which notes they cannot be in same enclosure. Our biggest concern with this is the low voltage wires run to valves in the field which are a lot of times under water. If the low voltage were to become charged, there is a shock potential if someone touches water or wires.

  31. All exterior and underground conduits are wet locations.

  32. he was actually pitching gay conversion therapy a few years ago. he had a whole fund set up and everything and was asking for donations. I wonder what happened to that money...

  33. He had a bunch of twinkie parties - and Hostess had nothing to do with it.

  34. Settle down, Edgelord. I'm sure there are many people who think the same about your larping with swords and wizard cloaks.

  35. "Fuck you for making me come out here to tend to your bullshit flop."

  36. I always wonder how this starts. There was a first monster can and the owner said "nah fuck it."

  37. It actually looks strategically placed. Some people do this in San Francisco to try and prevent people from breaking into their car. If it looks like it's trashed, the owner's thinking is that people won't think there's anything valuable in it.

  38. Electrical, there is no difference between the CH series and CHF series. The only physical difference is that there's a little red flag that pops up in a window in the CHF series when the breaker is tripped. Otherwise, they are identical, and approved to be used interchangeably.

  39. Don't downvote this person for being hurt in the deepest way...

  40. there's a DNE bot? i love his channel but im kinda confused why he'd be advertising via

  41. It's a bot that posts a reply to a comment any time someone mentions words like eat, consume, cook, drink, etc. Just look at the auto-response to my comment:

  42. I have no idea what you're talking about. This isn't YouTube, we don't have "channels" here.

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