1. Ok. Yeah. I think you’re right. His twitter has been dark for days. Even though his other socials are kinda fine? Thank you. If you don’t mind, could you please tell me the words I should say? I sent him a text on telegram but I think it sounded to guidance counselor-ish. He hasn’t opened it but at least he knows. Also I was going to tell him I loved him been planning it for weeks and then this happened so I guess I shouldn’t do that now?

  2. Maybe you can talk about it with your wife. Tell her how you feel. If you don’t want to talk about it with her then maybe you can talk about it with a close friend. It’s not healthy to keep it bottled up because it’ll just manifest in a negative way later. Also maybe you can try role playing one night stands with her. I know it’s not the same but maybe it’ll help. I think you’re lucky to have found someone so early and to have been with her for so long. Lots of people go a looong time (thus the one night stands) looking for what you have. Companionship. And hoping that just for even just a few minutes they’d wouldn’t be alone. The other part is basic human needs but they go hand in hand.

  3. Same for me It’s kinda like a dull feeling or like my chest is kind of light?

  4. Yes!! I am this way exactly. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, my brain just needs time to process. My family is usually loud in general so they see me a first thing in the morning and yell at the top of their lungs GOOD MORNING!! I absolutely can’t stand it. My father gets offended if I don’t say good morning first thing and it’s like dude YOU don’t even do that. I will initiate a good morning when I am done waking up, just give me a hot second. Good morning texts on the other hand I don’t mind at all. Text me good morning all you want lol

  5. I don’t think you should if your didn’t see anything wrong but I am no doctor! Please keep that in mind. I also had irregular periods up until now lol. I’m almost 21 and my period started when I was 10. And for YEARS it would be on again off again once every 4 months. Then maybe a normal cycle for 2 months. My younger sisters cycle is normal but my mums and aunts cycle were weird as well. I was also tested like crazy because my period started so young but they couldn’t find anything wrong I’ve learned that some of us are just late bloomers. I’m can be a little worrying but as long as you’re healthy you shouldn’t worry. If however you think something is wrong, then please go to your doctor :)

  6. Live on the central coast of California where the weather in the winter is about 70 degrees

  7. A general lack of motivation to keep meaningful relationships in my life, and thinking that they hate me or don't want to talk to me. My depression has ruined every relationship I ever had. Including family. I have nobody besides my long time partner who caught me at a good time and stayed with me through it all.

  8. Thank you for answering my question. I do have someone who is struggling and I will never give up on him. I made him a promise. I was just taken aback because he blocked me and privated his accounts. Before his twitter was privated I managed to read a couple of tweets before breaking down in tears. One of them was how much he missed me, the other ones were how bad he feels and I felt so bad because I could feel this coming I just didn’t know how to stop it. I’m actually writing an email to him because he had blocked me from our usual messaging platforms at the moment. This has happened before not as long but I’m still worried sick. I won’t give up though ever. I’m about to shower him with love

  9. If you're both still on a server together, then yes, you can message each other even when unfriended, as long as you aren't blocked.

  10. Are you unable to text him? Also, was the last time you talked three days ago when he replied with a heart?

  11. because of the constant change of number due to my traveling with my family so much I didn’t even bother getting his number I have his telegram I have just never used it and 2 other forms of communication not including his email. Yes 3 days ago heart reply we use hearts a lot

  12. hmmm I guess I’d use just one platform where he’s most likely to receive it? maybe telegram? (but you know best in that regard)

  13. Are you comfortable enough with your body to insert your fingers a bit further in? Sometimes I really need to dig to grab it, and pinching the cup just slightly, like 1/3 along, already helps break the seal. You can also try and push a bit to get the cup a little lower so you can grab it easier. U got this!

  14. Yes I am! I got it! Thank you! I couldn’t reply sooner because I had to clean up but thanks a ton! I can usually get two fingers in but I hadn’t tried with a cup so I thought I was up a creek. I sat on the toilet and pushed. I had a grip on it but I lost it. Then I finally found a comfortable grip because it was hurting and pinched and pulled. Pinched some more and pulled some more. Then at the end I started freaking out because I didn’t know if there was still suction (I kept letting go trying to get a good grip) I think there was but I’m not sure so I found the lid and released and it was out. I’m shaking just a little and slightly sore lol I don’t want to put it back in just yet but I liked it. When it was in. It was very liberating. I just have to get used to it. Thanks so much for your confidence and your reply!!!!!!!

  15. God yes it is actually great for travel imo because you don't have to empty it as often as you need to change tampons. And you can put it in a few days before your period to catch when it starts, and leave it in at the tail end to catch spotting without having to pull out a nasty dry tampon. And if you can't boil you can just wash.

  16. Oh my! I’m already in love! Thank you I bought mine and I’m… excited? Lol This is going to make my life so much easier

  17. That sucks, i don't understand people who do things like open menstrual cups and then just puts them back on the shelf. Hope you get it sorted and the cup fits well!

  18. Nor do I. It should be basic courtesy to not do that. Thank you! I’ll get it sorted ASAP

  19. You could search Google images for "a-line bixie cutting diagram" to get some ideas. It's longer around the face than the crown so I don't think it's as easy as just cutting it all one length and letting it grow out unfortunately. I think it could be done with the help of a friend and some cutting diagrams.

  20. Cut your hair into a pixie (like I do, learnt on YouTube before I found this sub,) and then let it grow out while still trimming up the back with clippers.

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