1. I had an in-depth conversation with my almost 3-year-old about poop last night. Do cats poop? Do dog poops? Does Mickey Mouse poop? Do cinnamon rolls poop?

  2. I'd say go for it! Keep it low stress, treat it like a fun learning exercise, and if he (or you) isn't up for it right now you can always stop.

  3. I was a child hoarder. My mother admitted to me not even just a few years ago (I’m 33 now) that she would routinely go into my room when I was in school and just throw shit away. It was one of those “that makes sense” moments because I would sometimes notice things missing, but it never raised any flags for me. I always thought that I was the one that must have misplaced it.

  4. This used to happen to me too. It was a stunning revelation when I moved out on my own and my stuff stopped disappearing and I realized that I wasn't ACTUALLY incompetent at taking care of and keeping track of my posessions.

  5. Last year we moved our Christmas tree into the dining area off the kitchen, rather than have it in the living room. It made the house feel festive without having it be a CONSTANT temptation for our then-20 month old. We also had a kiddie gate to put around it if necessary, and had a section of plastic ornaments around the bottom she could play with.

  6. My kiddo is the opposite. She sits patiently, holds my hand, and can amuse herself with books or small toys when needed.

  7. My kiddo is much more open to independent play when she's with me but I'm working on something else. For example, if I'm doing laundry, cleaning, decorating, etc. I'll tell her she can come and help, and sometime she's in to helping for a bit but usually she gets bored and just starts doing her own thing. Works out pretty nicely for us because I have incentive to be productive and she works those 'independent play' muscles.

  8. Pretty much the same thing here. At the beginning of October kiddo had a cold, which then progressed to an ear infection in mid-October. She had 10 days of amoxicillin (which we had to drive all over creation to get), which didn't clear the ear infection and 3 days after finishing the meds she was complaining her ear hurt again and vomiting. So we went back to the doctor, got a second round of antibiotics at the end of October, and that seemed to do the trick. The week after Halloween she came down with HFM and was out of daycare for a full week, and the week after THAT she spiked a fever at daycare and likely has RSV (although the ped said we didn't need to come in and get tested because she's doing fine). She's feeling better but still has a delightful phlegmy cough and now my husband is absolutely miserable with whatever she had. Fortunately I'm still doing fine, but I feel like it's only a matter of time until it takes me down too.

  9. I agree completely. My toddler is almost 3 and we have to take the jacket, but she does not have to wear it. Although last night she got mad at the weather because she was cold but didn't want to wear a jacket but was cold without her jacket.

  10. We took her 2.5 year old on a 2 hour flight this summer and she was a champ. We had her tablet and headphones, but they didn't get a ton of use. The biggest hits were definitely food. She had not previously had a lollipop, but I bought flat "choking safe" lollipops and she loved those for takeoff and landing. We also got a 7-day am/pm pill dispenser and filled each of the little compartments with a different snack. She had SO MUCH FUN opening the compartments and closing them again. Also the snacks were a combo of familiar favorites and treats which made eating novel and fun. We brought Paw Patrol figurines, travel Colorforms, and magnetic play sets as well, but honestly the food kept her occupied 75% of the time by itself. On the way home she slept most of the way and didn't need to be entertained at all.

  11. I don't have any advice, but I experience the same thing. My kid will get in a mood (usually a playful one) where she wants to touch my legs/ my butt and I absolutely hate it. I DO push her away after a handful of touches and offer a different way to connect physically because I think my comfort and tolerance of the touching is more important than her having exactly the kind of touching she wants, and even use to to talk about how we can ask people to stop touching us in ways that don't make us comfortable.

  12. At what point would you be able to explain these boundaries? My toddler is 24months old so I feel it might be too complex?

  13. In the moment, I'll say something like "Please stop touching Mommy that way. I don't want to be touched on my legs or my booty right now. You can [give me a hug, give a high 5, hold my hand, etc.]."

  14. This is completely and totally normal. My kiddo is usually well-behaved by I had similar feelings when she had a similar bad day at daycare a few weeks ago. I try to remember that it's normal, we all have bad days, and while her impulse control means that her bad days are going to have more throwing things and yelling than mine will, ultimately they are very much the same.

  15. I started taking Zoloft for general anxiety (25 mg), and about six weeks into my treatment I went to a Fantasy Football Draft party and was absolutely shocked at how different the experience was. Typically I would feel out of place, like people didn't want me there, or that people were judging me for whatever I was doing. I felt absolutely NONE of that, was able to happily socialize with people, introduce myself to new people, serve myself from a buffet and enjoy a meal in front of strangers, and generally have a great time in a social situation that would have been incredibly uncomfortable to me before.

  16. My kiddo is at an amazing daycare center where the only drawback is the tiny outdoor play space. For us, it has not been an issue at all...they do physical games/activities indoors, they get to play some outside, and she and I usually incorporate some physical "get the wiggles out" activities into our evening to compensate for not having tons of space to run around during the day.

  17. For me, the hardest thing is the split second decision making required when my toddler asks/tells me to do something. Do I say no and endure the resulting tantrum or do I say yes and essentially let her boss me around?

  18. As a parent, I would definitely want you to let me know you were having an issue with this! When my daughter was with a Nanny I didn't give much guidance because I didn't want to be overbearing or bossy. My intention was to make things as easy for her as possible, but if my approach was causing stress the I'd definitely want to revise my approach to make it less stressful.

  19. I kinda want to see the work history of people who claim how hard SAHP is. Like compared to "doing nothing" sure. They act like their house is an endless tornado of messes which can never be caught up and babies don't sleep 12+ hours a day.

  20. I am not a SAHP, and the time I've spent home with my kiddo during daycare closures and quarantines for illness have convinced me that it's not for me.

  21. Personally, I do not relate to the statement that parenting is the hardest job in the world. Parenting my daughter is the joy of my life, and while there are definitely challenges that come with it, they are not my focus or at the forefront of my experience.

  22. We bought one when our kiddo was 18 months old as well, a little over a year ago, and it was definitely a good purchase for us. At the time she just hated car rides and would scream for nearly half of our 45-minute ride home; we got an inexpensive velcro mount for the headrest and saved my sanity by playing videos on the ride home. We've also used it on airplane flights, at restaurants, and at home when the power went out and we needed a distraction.

  23. We have a 6 month old puppy and my husband and I are in the process of training her. Our 2.5 year old will come over any time we're working with her and request to "learn tricks" as well. I hadn't thought of incorporating treats but I'm sure she would love it lol.

  24. Libraries are my go to location for toddlers. Free. Often have toys. And different toys at different local libraries! And books. I rarely buy books for toddler, especially new ones. We get 5 new ones from the library once a week. If there's a book he especially enjoys hell pick up a copy of it.

  25. What has helped us a LOT with resistance to diaper changes was to offer "stand up diaper changes". It is much less convenient for me, but after a few weeks of doing it, she knows to touch her toes when it's a poopy diaper so I can get everything clean, and it has lowered her resistance level from yelling and screaming and crying to a touch of "no I don't wanna" and then letting me do it anyways.

  26. My favorite piece of advice about baby/toddler sleep issues is that it's only a problem if it's a problem for you.

  27. When my daughter was 18 months old she had a the 'normal' number of words (~20) but they weren't used frequently. At the time she was being cared for during the day by a friend of mine, and she was the only kiddo there.

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