[PyCardano] A Cardano library in Python

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  1. Glad to see Polyfjord’s call for this implementation was heard and being actively worked on so soon, great results thus far, looking forward to using this addon when complete!

  2. His call the spark for this project, my brother showed me the video he made and I just had to jump on it!

  3. Amazing! Looking forward to see the outcome of this!

  4. My little brother showed me your video and it was amazing, he loves watching your channel. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  5. Today Now by The Onion is one of the funniest web series out there:

  6. This is absolutely incredible, I'm a python developer whos worked on open source stuff before, is there anything I can do to help?

  7. Oh wow, I hadn't even noticed this was a Niantic project. Insane to think the people behind Pokémon Go are behind this amazing work!

  8. Is it okay to host the weights just like that? Registration is needed for access at 🤗

  9. According to the license listed on Hugging Face our team is free to redistribute the weights for open source or commercial purposes as long as we include the license. It's entirely open source!

  10. A hugely useful feature for this would be the ability to create seamless textures. This probably involves tweaking the way convolutional kernels apply throughout the network (effectively disabling padding and instead wrapping indices around).

  11. Definitely something we want to look into, a bit outside my knowledge though atm😅

  12. Can you also add a compositor node for both txt2img and img2img (so render results can be fed into SD), with animatable parameters (including prompts and prompt weights), please?

  13. Yes! We will explore this functionality in the near future as we build out Cozy Auto Texture.

  14. Thank you for the kind words, I hope this helps a lot of people!

  15. My bad this is pretty blurry. Looked better on tiktok. Website is

  16. Dude this is hilarious, made my day, thank you

  17. As a Python dev currently diving into Django, this is amazing!!!

  18. I'm level 57, halfway to 58, got the game a month after launch. This is the main loadout I aim for ranked in order of importance:

  19. I think I passed 1,200 hours. Most of that was just building satellites and stations around Kerbin and Mun, furthest I've explored is Duna... Worth every hour.

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