1. Welding regulations differ from place to place but what I’m used too is 1/8 tolerance for a crack. Good on ya man keep going and never give up but that’s bigger then 1/8:

  2. It’s golden teacher and it was a kit that came with straw substrate and a coir mix caseing soil.

  3. Looks like he’s more ready to get a tumour removed

  4. I would use it to carry my lock out lock probably

  5. GaWdDamN!! 7G’s Tekked? I’ll eat 7 but probably not in a tek, you animal. My goodness mane, that’s gotta be one strong come-up.

  6. I’m waiting for my buddy to drop me 7g of ++albinos right now to lemon tek haha. It’s so intense for the first 10min of ur real high ur so confused lol.

  7. If u gag there is no better way then lemon tek. I’ll do 7 g lemon tek. I blend in a coffee grinder and put the powder in a 3 oz shot glass put 1 oz of lemon or lime juice and one oz of lemon hey y’all (liquor drink) shoot it back and no taste and get wacked. Make sure u wait 30 min let it sit and stirr every 5 min for a total of 6 stirs then shoot it back. Mush love

  8. U probably will lol. No offence but it’s more sterile then u think the first time

  9. I'm yet to figure that out, I'll do a trial if ya want, I'll find out postage, you pay I'll send?

  10. Message me prices including delivery pls and thank you 😃

  11. second picture, it's almost completely fat

  12. Man I’m getting screwd over then that’s normal bacon at my super market

  13. Bullshit on amanita and nothing else?

  14. I do mushrooms when my acid wears off lol

  15. Also, are blue cross sections of the stems an indication of high potency?

  16. Pretty sure they blue cause they cut wirh knife instead of twist and pull.

  17. Look like honey but shitty pics and no spore print

  18. Is it as tight as a starburst?

  19. Is anyone shipping to Canada?!!!!

  20. I believe in dmt gods now. It changed my life. My life is shit nothing ever works out no matter how good I am. They told me it’s all a test and my next life will be pimp if I just keep putting up with it and ppl who r dicks next life will be shit. It’s all worth it in the end. And they said after I die I can spend as much time in there dimension b4 I reincarnate for my next supposedly life. Just keep being u bro.

  21. 5 meo dmt is best for ego death in my psychedelic adventures but if u have never had one b4 it can get pretty intense.

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