1. With 1.3B on hand we got plenty of time to figure this out. I’m disappointed, but GME is not going bankrupt anytime soon.

  2. Lol meta’s bleeding billions and nvidia is pumping on AI buzz words. Apple just announced a headset that costs 3x more than steam’s for no good reason.

  3. Lol, do the opposite of whatever that man says.

  4. They’re only going after it because they aren’t in control of it and so they don’t get a piece of the crime pie.

  5. I think as well they want ppl to leave the space and buy bonds. The treasury needs money. Coinbase has the most amount of US users I'd imagine right?

  6. They’re trying to freeze binance’s assets, but coinbase is registered in the US so not sure if they’ll try that on CB.

  7. I love how they are going after a sector they don’t have jurisdiction over, but can’t be arsed to regulate the sector they actually have jurisdiction of.

  8. It’s going to be interesting what happens next.

  9. Wow, so SEC can just "mishandle" anything they don't want to enforce...

  10. Just lurking in the trees waiting to bonk hedgies.

  11. I hope so, I'm ready to change the world.

  12. Not the first ever default, lol. The US has defaulted several times in the past.

  13. Also not preventing, simply delaying the inevitable.

  14. Yeah, the Treasury is supposed to issue 15B in new notes soon as the first wave and I'm sure the FED will be buying. It's a ponzi scheme and they just got a new round of funding.

  15. This is why I bought the Zelda Switch console as well. I wanted to make sure I put something big on their earnings for Q1. I'm sure many other apes did as well. Don't worry dude, earnings should be fine :).

  16. I’m doing that too with lots of shares.

  17. I've never played with options, I don't think now's the time to start either.

  18. They aren’t dumb, they just don’t care. The hedge funds come in and all the politicians get paid off.

  19. Can’t wait for the next big drop. How low will it go?

  20. Tomorrow could be -$20B but sometimes there's no telling. If it were to be a big drop, probability shows it would be tomorrow.

  21. Yes, another poster already commented on this, thank you! I've corrected the post.

  22. Ok great, so you start with $30, collect $12, so you have $42. You are assigned and spend $30, you now have $12. How much have you NET spent? $18.

  23. I looked it up and you are right about the tax not being collected until the shares are sold. Thank you for explaining this to me, it was unexpected, but looks like CSPs are essentially tax deferred until the shares are sold. This is even better because if you hold the shares for a year your $12 gain is now long term gain instead of short term.

  24. There’s my Cohen, I was worried he was losing touch.

  25. Has anyone actually seen GameStop put out a notice about changes? I'm thinking this is total BS, at least until the company confirms it.

  26. I agree that coming from msm it's sus, but here is GameStop talking about a new look and new benefits coming soon.

  27. What improvements did GME make to customer rewards though? I haven't heard of any changes in the rewards program.

  28. We could declare the Jubilee year:

  29. That sure is some list of people. Wonder 💭 f any other those is on that plane with him.

  30. Just because someone was the most qualified person that ever served in a role, doesn’t mean they were good that role.

  31. I say! That’s a top shelf meme sir!

  32. I'm not a big fan of this latest tweet, but our chairman asked us to judge him by his actions, not by his words.

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